Tuesday, September 25, 2012

You Can't Eat Toes For Breakfast - Rickey Teems II

You Can’t Eat Toes For Breakfast tells the story of an imaginative kid named George. George mishears his mother’s instructions, which takes him on an adventure of self-discovery.

This is a wonderfully written book.I really enjoy reading children’s books that has character(s) with vivid imaginations. This book has a strong teaching element, interesting to young readers (just reading the title of this book will pique the interest of a child), and funny… all of the elements that makes a great children’s book.

Children’s books aren’t always an easy genre to write, but I applaud Mr. Teems for stepping up to the plate and knocking it out of the ballpark. Home Run!!!…

If you are looking for a book to arouse your children’s curiosity and leave them entertained, You Can’t Eat Toes For Breakfast is definitely the book for you & your child(ren).

5 Stars

Saturday, September 22, 2012

The Funny Chaps - Kaleb Doutrive


The Funny Chaps follows Jack and his brother, Timmy as they prepare to move to a new city. When they meet new friends in the town of Martinville, that’s when the adventures start.
This is a very valuable book for children of all ages to read. This story shows children the importance of friendship.  I had my two youngest sons read this book, and we had a lengthy discussion on the lessons they learned from the book.
I highly recommend this book.
5 Stars


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Monday, September 17, 2012

Beautiful, Dirty, Rich: A Novel - J.D. Mason

Everyone has heard the saying "karma's a bitch". But when Desi Green's friend, Lonnie gives karma a helping hand, she becomes one very vindictive and dangerous woman. In Beautiful, Dirty, Rich, Desi has just been released from a 25 year jail bid for killing a very wealthy and important man in Blink, Texas. She has also inherited millions of dollars from the very man she murdered, which doesn't sit well with the man's son, Jordan. He'd prefer that Desi just disappear, but Desi has other ideas. With Lonnie's encouragement, Desi decides to tell the world her side of what went down the night Mr. J was shot. In the process, twisted stories emerge, horrible secrets are uncovered, and some of the key players involved in the investigation and prosecution of Desi Green turn up dead, or end up wishing they were.

The characters were believable and intriguing. The storyline had me on edge and I could hardly put the book down. The secrets revealed in the story were totally unexpected and completely jaw dropping.

I am giving this book a rating of 5 stars.


Wednesday, September 12, 2012

We Love It Wednesday - #1 - Unshakeable Faith - Rickey Teems II

Fear and faith cannot coexist. Fear traps us; forcing us to cling to the familiar, while the world unapologetically moves on. Faith, however, takes us on the most unexpected and beautiful journeys, discovering new levels of purpose and blessings. But what happens when you muster the courage to break the shackles of fright and reach for help, and those most capable of lending a hand are the first to slap yours away? What happens when the past refuses to concede to the present, and guilt casts a menacing shadow over your future? What happens when everyone you have ever loved has left you, and those that claim to love you have only dragged you down into the darkest of holes? Would your soul succumb to the pressures of prostitution, prison, and pessimists, or would you hear that faint voice calling you to search deep down and find: Unshakeable Faith. This short story shows how long a little faith can go! - Amazon

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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Homecoming Weekend - Curtis Bunn

Homecoming Weekend gives readers an inside look of what happens when friends, lovers, and enemies reunite for Homecoming Weekend. Get prepared to be glued to your seat when you begin reading this book. I didn’t attend a Historic Black College so I was unfamiliar with Homecoming, but reading this book I felt as though I was there with the entire inside scoop.
Jimmy & Monica – Married, but they are dealing with the issues of Trust in their marriage. So when jimmy decides to attend Homecoming Weekend alone, this sends off red flags in his wife mind.  Will their marriage be able to survive Homecoming Weekend?

Tranise & Mary – Both of them are dealing with some unresolved issues when it comes to former loves. Will their issues get resolved during this weekend?

Jesse, Don, and Venita – “The 3 Musketeers” - They are dealing with their share of life struggles, so they are looking forward to this weekend as an escape. They soon discover no matter how far you travel, Life isn’t something you can run from.
Catherine & Earl – tries to see if they can experience fireworks during Homecoming Weekend. Will they be able to discover True Love?

Curtis Bunn does an exceptional job of writing an engaging story that has strong characters and tantalizing themes. Every character was dealing with situations I could relate to through experience or experiences of friends/associates. I laughed, I held my breath, and I cried – these characters became my friends. I love when I read a book that makes me excited, and this book definitely did the trick.

I highly recommend this book.

5 Stars



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