Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Vanished - Joseph Finder

Nick Heller, International Corporate Security Expert is the guy you call when you want to know where the bodies are buried. While investigating a case that involves stolen money, Nick receives a frantic call from his nephew, Gabe. Gabe informs Nick that his mother was attacked and his father, Roger (Nick's brother) has vanished without a trace. Nick heads to Washington D.C to put the missing pieces together about his brother's disappearance.

Nothing is EVER what it appears to be in this Joseph Finder novel.

This story starts off fast paced and it continues throughout the whole book. I love this author's style of writing; he breathes life and soul into these characters. This story had so many layers that I gave up trying to figure out the ending. I paused several times while reading this book because I didn't want it to end.

4.5 Stars

**Audible Users: You get a special treat at the end of the audio version.. (Yes! I also downloaded the audio version)  so I wouldn't miss anything while driving to work..

Nick Heller & I relaxing on the beach in Miami, Florida (My Vacation)

I can't wait to dig into Joseph Finder's recent novel.. Buried Secrets... Enjoy the trailer below....

Visit Joseph's Website and Sign up for his newsletter...

I won this hat from his website...

My Christmas Card from Joseph Finder..

If you haven't picked up a Joseph Finder novel you are truly missing out... 

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