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Off The Record (Interview): Raymond Francis

Author Raymond Francis

Orsayor: Is there any particular author or book that influenced you in any way either growing up or as an adult?

Raymond: The Coldest Winter Ever was the first book I read and really, really related to. It made me look at literature as something I could actually do as opposed to just something other people did, and I enjoyed. Donald Goines was the author that really changed my view of writing, because he had so many great books, and I valued his consistency. Instead of wanting to write one legendary book, he made me want to have a complete catalog of classics.

Orsayor: How do you react to a bad review of one of your books?

Raymond: It depends where it comes from. There are so many politics that go into reviews now. For example, if I get a 1-star review and then look at the customers' other reviews and if there aren’t any, I would assume this a specific person (with a made-up account) who doesn’t like me. This is a dirty game and there are lots of reasons why other authors secretly leave other authors bad reviews. Now if I get a bad review from someone who has been a fan of mine for a long time; that hurts because I feel like I let them down. I haven’t had that happen yet fortunately. Generally, I don’t let bad reviews bother me though; everyone is entitled to their opinion.

Orsayor: What inspired you to start writing?

Raymond: Well, I used to daydream a lot so I always had stories in my head. The events going on in my life when I wrote my first book also contributed to my inspiration. I was living out a motel, so things were really crazy for me at that time. I just wanted to express myself, and writing was the best way for me to personally do that. Some people use music; others use art, but for me, writing is where I am most comfortable expressing the way I am feeling.

Orsayor: If you could be invisible, where would you go and what would you do?

Raymond: I would like to check out Area 51 and see what’s really going on there. I want to know what the government is hiding. I’m fascinated by aliens, time travel, and all that weird stuff. So that would be at the top of my list. The old me would have said rob a bank, but the new me is more mature, so I would use my invisibility for something more than my own personal gain.

Orsayor: If you suddenly found yourself turned into a woman, how would you spend your day?

Raymond: I wouldn’t leave the house; I know that. The way I see these corny ass dudes harassing women out here would drive me crazy. I’d probably just sleep until I was a man again. I couldn’t handle being a woman, too hard!

Orsayor: What would you like for your Readers to know?

Raymond: I’d like my readers to know that they can always hit up my inbox on FB or email me ( I love feedback on my books and also that I appreciate anyone who has ever taken the time to read any of my books.

Orsayor: Thank you so much for going OFF THE RECORD with Book Referees.

Raymond: My pleasure...

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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Review: Married To His Lies - Mz. Robinson


Lies, Infidelity, & an “outside” child – these are some of the things Shontay Holloway has endured during her eight-year marriage with Kenny.  Even though all signs are directing her to EXIT TO THE LEFT – she decides to stay and work on her marriage. That’s until she meets Savoy. 

Savoy is the opposite of her husband, Kenny – he is hardworking, handsome, and charming. Unable to resist the attraction she has for Savoy - Shontay is forced to confront the troubles in her marriage. However, as we know sometimes everything isn’t always Black & White.  You can’t deal with the present without dealing with your past and what Shontay uncovers will change her life forever. 

Married to His Lies has all the ingredients of a good book – Sprinkle a few complicated characters – with a dash of betrayal – a tablespoon of lies – stir in passion – and bake on HIGH.  

Author Mz. Robinson opens the door to her readers and takes them on a ride that will keep their head spinning until the very end.

I had been dealing with a Reading Slump before I picked up this book – I read this book in less than 24 hours. Reading Slump is OVER!!!

There was an incident on page 6 that made me stop reading and think - “Do women really do that?” The only issue I had with the book was the constant use of the words “pregnant pause." 

Mz. Robinson is on my “Reading Radar."

I Highly Recommend this book!!!

4.5 Stars

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Review: Live Like You Were Dying - Tim Nichols & Craig Wiseman


Live like you were dying... inspired by Tim McGraw's hit song with the same title. There are so many times in Life, we are so busy that we forget to enjoy the simple things, such as LIVING. Live like you are dying takes the lyrics from the song and expands on it. 

The book includes the CD single & lyrics to Tim McGraw's song, Live like you were dying. It's a great book to carry with you to remind you to LIVE.

5 Stars



Now to the Flip Side...

I have talked about Readers & Reviews...

So let's talk about Authors & Readers...

Now that Readers know how important it is to leave Reviews... Is it just as important for an Author to comment on a Review? (No! I'm not talking about arguing with a Reviewer about a rating...) 

Is it common courtesy for an Author to say... "Thank You for your Review"... "Thank You for taking the time out to Feature me on your blog?"

As an Author... Is it important to build a bond with your Readers?

(Side Note: I'm not talking about building a bond in a "Pilar" way... If you don't know what I'm referring to... Check out - Diary of A Stalker - Electa Rome Parks)

Readers & Reviews

Why is it so hard to get readers to write Reviews or to even click "Like" on Author's Amazon page?

As a Reader - Do you feel it's your responsibility to write a Reviews?

(I'm not talking about people who are given books in return for a review)

Let's Talk About It!!!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Guest Blog Post & Giveaway: When Players Play... - Marissa Monteilh

I'm so excited to have Author Marissa Monteilh stop by Book Referees to tell us what happens...

When Players Play...

What is a player anyway? The Urban Dictionary defines it as: A male who is skilled at manipulating others, and especially at seducing women by pretending to care about them, when in reality they are only interested in sex. I remember the term back in the 70's, during the days of the Black Exploitation films. If a man was a player, it wasn't necessarily a bad thing to his buddies as it meant he could "pull" the ladies, and to some women it meant he probably had charisma and sexual prowess. It also meant he was someone to "play" with if one could handle it, and that there was a risk of losing one's heart if one was not careful. Warning: When Players Play, you could possibly bond physically and emotionally, and he might use his charm, skill, money, and sweet talk to get you to do just that.

What makes some men want to play and others want to settle down? Some men get their playing out of their systems so that when they commit, they don't feel as though they're missing out on anything. But if a man doesn't want to settle down and he's honest and open about that fact, then it's on the woman to decide to either play along, or move on. Men can't play if there's no one to play with. This in no way excuses these men, but we women can only be responsible for ourselves.

Years ago I wrote the first book in the Dr. Feelgood series to show that no matter how often a man tells a woman he's not willing to get serious, some women will try and change him, some even thinking they will be the one to tame the playboy in him. But it can backfire, and often does. A man must be willing to give up his bachelorhood when he's ready, not when the woman requires it.

Dr. Feelgood was written to show women another side of the player. Not the type of player who says everything you want to hear, but the man who tells you up front that he is playing the field. Dr. Feelgood had a father who was a rolling stone who had hundreds of children, some he'd never met, and his father's father owned a brothel. Sometimes it's societal and familial. And it's not just men. There are some women who will not settle down no matter what, believing they don't need a man, and others who think their only worth is their bodies, almost giving men a license to say what the woman wants to hear just to get in her pants.

I didn't write this story to paint the picture that most men are playboys; I wrote it to show the life of one man who is. But if you look closer, Dr. Feelgood loves his mother, he's a good brother, and he's a great father. He doesn't go around telling women he loves them if he doesn't, and he doesn't make promises he can't keep, but he does break hearts. A lot of them. And sometimes, it's related to the fact that a woman feels she can change him or tame him.

In the sequel to Dr. Feelgood called You've Got It Bad, Dr. Makkai Worthy uncovers secrets and faces the generational curses that plagued him as a teen. He must realize that he's got it bad. So bad he can't continue living the way he's living, unable to settle down and find true love. This book is dedicated to women, like me, who've dated men like Makkai Worthy.

Can a player change? Real change happens over time, not overnight. And change starts with a decision, not with an ultimatum. We are not our pasts, or are we?

Thank You Marissa for stopping by Book Referees. 
We appreciate you...
Readers - Please leave a comment for your chance to win a copy of You Got It Bad....

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Summer Giveaway Hop 2013

Welcome To The Summer Giveaway Hop 2013!!!

Book Referees are excited to be a part of this giveaway...

Name one of the best books you have read this summer?

Please leave your answer in our comment section (along with your email address)

3 Winners will win a box of books....

Have fun!!!

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