Monday, June 25, 2012

Jokes My Father Never Taught Me - Rain Pryor

Rain Pryor gives reader an inside look on how it was being raised a PRYOR. Even if you are familiar with Richard Pryor and his many demons, after reading this book you will learn more about this comedy legend. Rain shares the good and the bad, and like her father she is brutally honest. She also gave her account of Richard Pryor’s last days, which was very heartbreaking.

My only complaint about this book is… I wished Rain would have went into more details about her experiences with drugs and alcohol, I felt as though she gave the readers a quick summary of that time in her life.

Overall, I was very happy I bought this book (Autographed Copy). It is a very fast paced read; I was done in less than 24 hours.  

I would definitely recommend this book.

4 Stars

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Corruptible - Mark Mynheir

Ex-police offer turned Private Investigator; Ray Quinn is hired to find the person responsible for stealing important documents from an investment company. Ray is definitely a flawed character but readers will definitely be able to relate to him on some degree.  As Ray uncovers secrets & lies – he starts to deal with some of his hidden demons. 
This is the first book I have read from this author.  I was about to able to pick up on the back story without resorting to reading the first novel.  This author did an excellent job with his storytelling, and I loved how the chapters were separated; which made for an easier read. Ray Quinn has to be one of most enjoyable characters I have read in awhile.
I would definitely recommend this book.
4 Stars

I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review. I was not compensated in any way in any manner to provide a positive review, and the opinions expressed above are my own.        

Monday, June 4, 2012

He Answered - L.V. Robinson

When I read the synopsis, I was very interested in reading/reviewing this book. The cover appeals to the potential reader, but that’s where the love affair ends.
The book starts off with the main character getting arrested for reasons unknown. The author then takes the reader back in time to give a peak into the character’s past – which had nothing to do with the present situation.
Ex. Lia is riding the bus - feels dizzy - instead of wondering what's wrong with her - the character is more concerned about a designer purse. ????????
This book lacked character development, so as the reader I couldn’t connect to any of the characters. Instead of giving readers details about certain events, the author chose to refer to the incidents as “the pink elephant in the room”. The grammatical errors and flat storyline left much to be desired.
I think the author should have spent more time developing this story, instead of trying to squeeze an incomplete story in 70 pages.
1 Star


I received this book for free for this review. I was not compensated to provide a review, and the opinions expressed above are my own.     

Sunday, June 3, 2012

The Siren's Call - Matthew S. Urdan

Throughout our lives, we all come into contact with some amazing people. Some of them come, some of them go, and some of them even stay for a while. At its heart, The Siren’s Call is the story of the love between friends—what we do to sustain our friendships, and, sadly, what we do to destroy them. Hopefully in that process somewhere lies a bit of redemption.Steven Perry and Kenneth Pierson are best friends and trusted partners in the successful Detroit law firm they co-founded. They are handsome, young, bright, and at the top of their game with the world at their feet—that is until Steve’s fiancĂ©e is killed by a drunk driver. Consumed by grief, Steve can’t sleep. So in the middle of the night Steve impulsively drives to Kip’s northern Lake Michigan retreat in an attempt to escape and begins to hear voices in his head.Concerned for his friend’s sanity, Kip convinces Steve to join him in Hawaii for a much needed extended vacation—spring break style. Fun in the sun, hilarious hijinks, surfing lessons, remembered dreams and unexpected meetings with friends from home all ensue. But while Steve struggles to deal with his own grief and potentially gestating madness, he begins to suspect that Kip is wrestling with his own demons that Kip refuses to reveal—stressing their relationship to the breaking point. But as Kip’s best friend, Steve cannot imagine neither the depth of Kip’s deception nor the terrible secret he is hiding.Filled with raw emotional power and vivid images of the surrounding landscapes, The Siren’s Call is an unforgettable story of two friends trying to cope with profound grief the best way they know how and make sense out of a senseless personal tragedy. - Amazon


This began as a slow read for me. After Kip and Steven take their trip to Hawaii, the book picks up momentum. Although Author Matthew Urdan gave very detailed descriptions of his characters and places in the book; some of them were unbelievable.  

I believe Author Urdan digressed too much from the main storyline into areas that did not contribute to the book. Author Urdan did show how secrets can ruin friendships and become strained when the truth is not revealed. 

3 Stars

Disclaimer: Book Referees was given a Free Copy of this book from the Author. Our thoughts on this book were in no way influenced by the author or publicist. We were not compensated for the review.Thank you for giving Book Referees the opportunity to review your book. 

Clarabelle's Rose - Judy Kashi

Clarabelle's Rose explores the appalling world of racism during the 1960's and 1970's and the secrets, challenges and pain that accompany bigotry. Clarabelle's Simmons, who has been physically abused through her childhood, hears her racist father plotting to murder a local black man but remains silent fearing she might be killed as well. Shortly thereafter Clarabelle is raped by a mentally challenged black man and gives birth to a biracial daughter she calls Rose. Along the way she meets and befriends a black woman whose family was affected by Clarabelle's father's hatred. As their friendship blossoms, secrets are revealed that can destroy their worlds. A decade after the baby's birth, Clara, Sara and Rose return to their hometown and risk their lives to face the Klansmen who tried to destroy them. Will they succeed at finding justice or will their efforts be futile. Clarabelle, Sara and Rose take the reader on a journey and along the way discover forgiveness, redemption and friendship.  - Amazon


This was an outstanding read! Author Judy Kashi explored areas where other authors probably would not touch. She dealt with racism, segregation, molestation, rape, friendship and even love. It is hard to fathom how an author can have all of these issues in one story; but Author Kashi did a superb job on connecting each issue in the book. Author Kashi showed how prejudice exists in every part of the country (North and South) and within the different races (Black and White).

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and will be recommending it to others. It is a must read!

5 Stars


Disclaimer: Book Referees was given a Free Copy of this book from the Author. Our thoughts on this book were in no way influenced by the author or publicist. We were not compensated for the review. Thank you for giving Book Referees the opportunity to review your book.


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