Monday, June 4, 2012

He Answered - L.V. Robinson

When I read the synopsis, I was very interested in reading/reviewing this book. The cover appeals to the potential reader, but that’s where the love affair ends.
The book starts off with the main character getting arrested for reasons unknown. The author then takes the reader back in time to give a peak into the character’s past – which had nothing to do with the present situation.
Ex. Lia is riding the bus - feels dizzy - instead of wondering what's wrong with her - the character is more concerned about a designer purse. ????????
This book lacked character development, so as the reader I couldn’t connect to any of the characters. Instead of giving readers details about certain events, the author chose to refer to the incidents as “the pink elephant in the room”. The grammatical errors and flat storyline left much to be desired.
I think the author should have spent more time developing this story, instead of trying to squeeze an incomplete story in 70 pages.
1 Star


I received this book for free for this review. I was not compensated to provide a review, and the opinions expressed above are my own.     


  1. I was so ready to get this book until I read this wonderful review. The title had me hooked. With a big sigh I guess I'll move on. Thank you for the great review.



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