Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Crack: Volume 2: Lockdown - Shaka Senghor

Crack: Volume 2 – the highly anticipated sequel to Crack: Volume 1 – Shaka Senghor takes his readers deep inside the world of hip-hop beefs, greed, betrayal and the corruption of our prison systems.
Some of our favorites from Crack: Volume One are along for the ride – Damu is now diving into the world of hip-hop with the ownership of Great Minds Studio. His studio is on its way to notoriety with their rising star, Microphonics, who is set to fill the void in the rap world that was left by the deaths Tupac Shakur and Biggie Smalls.
After a massacre occurs at Great Minds Studio, Detective Jensen is ordered to go undercover inside the Willie Lynch Prison Complex to solve a string of murders. Determined to prove himself to his superiors, Detective Jensen goes beyond the call of duty and finds himself fighting for his life. Will his true identity be known? Will he be able to get out alive or will the corruption of the jail system swallow him alive?
For success, the author must make the reader care about the destiny of the principals, and sustain this anxiety, or suspense… - Ken Follett

Shaka Senghor has delivered a masterpiece with the release of Crack: Volume Two. As you read this selection, you can definitely see the growth in his writing style which made Crack: Volume 2 a very smooth read for me. This book is fast-paced, suspenseful, addictive, and sure to have you begging for more.
The readers are given an inside look into the corruption that happens in the prison systems. From the problem of prisoner/staff fraternization, misuse of authority, trafficking in contraband, and abuse of prisoners
“When people are treated like animals, it’s likely they’ll respond like animals.”
It made him sick every time he went inside an institution and saw state-of-the art facilities. To him, it was just one more in a long list of signs that the state had set in motion a devious plan to ensnare the young Black males in his community.
I was able to learn more about the characters this time around, and no matter what these characters had going on in their lives, they all had some things in common: Love of their family, fear of losing their family, and loyalty to their family.
I highly recommend you order this book along with Crack: Volume One – I guarantee you will fall in love with the writing style of Mr. Shaka Senghor. I can now officially say Shaka Senghor is the filling the void left by my all-time favorite author, Mr. Donald Goines. Thank- You Mr. Senghor.

5 Stars
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Sunday, May 22, 2011

From My Soul to Yours - Dywane D. Birch

From My Soul to Yours is a continuation of Dywane Birch’s book, Shattered Souls. It takes you to their current situations and how life turns out for the four friends. This follow up has plenty of drama and real life situations that make you question their ties. Through it all though they stand together and get through all the pain. It definitely lets you know that our childhoods do reflect on how we are as adults. What a remarkable book! It’s a tale of reflection and forgiveness. At 539 pages it’s a page turner and hard to put down!
I recommend it to anyone, but especially anyone who has the book, Shattered Souls.
5 Stars


Shattered Souls - Dywane D. Birch

A thought-provoking, emotionally charged novel that explores the lingering effects of childhood turmoil on four thirty-something friends. Since meeting in college, Britton, Indera, Damascus, and Chyna have each gone on to success and acclaim. But beneath the surface, all four are struggling with demons, striving to mask the deep emotional wounds they sustained long ago.

Through riveting first-person narratives, Dywane D. Birch reveals the secret that keeps each character tied to the past, unwilling or unable to commit to a loving relationship. As repressed childhood memories creep back into their lives to haunt and control them, and carefully constructed veneers begin to crack, the bonds of their friendship are tested as never before.

In candid, raw prose, Birch explores the potentially devastating consequences of childhood abuse and mistreatment, but also pays tribute to human courage and perseverance in a heartfelt, unforgettably powerful novel that heralds a remarkable talent.
  • Paperback: 320 pages

  •     Publisher: Strebor Books/Simon & Schuster
    Synopsis from http://www.freewebs.com/dywanebirch/books.htm

    Rochelle's Review

    This story is based on these four friends and how they learn to deal with their sordid pasts. Their childhoods haunt them on a constant basis and they have to learn to push past there demons. They are all successful but very destructive. As they learn to face there demons and find themselves the ties that bind them are tested.
          I would highly recommend this book!  It will definitely make you angry, laugh, and cry.  I love the way it’s written as though it’s addressed to you personally!
    5 Stars


    Sunday, May 15, 2011

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    Wednesday, May 11, 2011

    Broken Promises Never Mend - Allison "Essence M" Edwards

    You can't tell people how to love you - people are going to love you the way they know how to love... but you can choose how you participate in it.

    Tamika Adams has everything when it comes to her professional life, but she has alot to learn when it comes to love. When she meets Quincy Thompson she is swept off her feet and immediately believes its happily ever after, but soon deep secrets and lies began to surface.

    Side Note: I didn't know who to strangle first - Tamika for dealing with Quincy, or Quincy for being such a D.O.G. - their "love story" had me going through some ups and downs, but I couldnt put this book down..

    4 out of 5 Stars


    Getting To Happy - Terry McMillan


    Getting To Happy continues where Waiting To Exhale left off... 15 years later.. We find our foursome still searching for some kind of calmness in their life.. but as we know - it doesn't always guarantee being problem free. Savannah is married and finds herself bored out of her mind... so does she stay married or does she find out life doesn't stop at 50? - Bernadine - working on marriage number #2 or is the marriage working on her? - Robin - what can I say about our wild child Robin - still single but seems to be married to her shopping addiction - Gloria - this beloved character finds herself faced with many crossroads in her life..

    I found myself struggling to finish this book, because there were parts that seem to drag on like a bad Lifetime Movie.

    Overall, this book has heartbreaking moments, learning experiences and pleasant surprises... when it's all said and done... it's nice to have good friends while you are on your way to Getting To Happy.

    3 out of 5 Stars


    Sunday, May 1, 2011

    Home Wrecker - Dwayne S. Joseph

    "See, men are simple. They do all of their rationalization with their *****, and think that because God gave them chest hair, they're supposed to be the dominant ones." - Lisette

    Meet Lisette, a hardworking head fashion designer for an elite firm. Lisette has it all - beauty, brains, and business sense. When Lisette's co-worker, Marlene expresses anger with her husband cheating ways - Lisette comes up with plan that will give Marlene exactly what she needs.  Lisette learned from an early age that all it took to get what she wanted was... "a subtle, seductive smile, a sexy gaze, or a you-know-you-want-it stance.. (page 9). Happy with the results, Lisette decides to become a HOME WRECKER full-time.

    Everything is smooth sailing until Lisette receives an anonymous phone call from someone who threatens to expose her Home Wrecker ways unless she is helped. Lisette who is used to being in control doesn't like anyone telling her what she will or will not do. The anonymous caller refuses to take No for an answer and decides to give Lisette a little taste of her own medicine. Lisette finds out KARMA is a B*TCH!! Will Lisette finally give in to the mysterious caller demands? Will Lisette find out who is behind the phone calls before its too late?

    This is the first book I have read from Dwayne S. Joseph and I could kick myself for not reading this book sooner. This book had me at "HELLO" - it was very fast paced - never a dull moment... If you think you know what a HOME WRECKER is.. Think Again!! 

    5 Stars out of 5 Stars



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