Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Getting To Happy - Terry McMillan

Getting To Happy continues where Waiting To Exhale left off... 15 years later.. We find our foursome still searching for some kind of calmness in their life.. but as we know - it doesn't always guarantee being problem free. Savannah is married and finds herself bored out of her mind... so does she stay married or does she find out life doesn't stop at 50? - Bernadine - working on marriage number #2 or is the marriage working on her? - Robin - what can I say about our wild child Robin - still single but seems to be married to her shopping addiction - Gloria - this beloved character finds herself faced with many crossroads in her life..

I found myself struggling to finish this book, because there were parts that seem to drag on like a bad Lifetime Movie.

Overall, this book has heartbreaking moments, learning experiences and pleasant surprises... when it's all said and done... it's nice to have good friends while you are on your way to Getting To Happy.

3 out of 5 Stars



  1. I haven't read this one yet. I did find out that was born in raised in Port Huron, Michigan which is about 30 minutes away from where I live. One of the girls I went to school with said that her husband's sister is married to Rosalyn McMillan's son Vester!

  2. I'm still trying to finish it. And that is all. :)

  3. I tried twice to read this book and still have not finished it. It simply cannot hold my attention. I will give it a 3rd try sometime down the line.



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