Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Review: Through The Fire: Journal of a child star - Dr. Danielle Spencer-Fields & Cheryl P. Pelt



I remember watching What's Happening as a kid, and always wanting to be like Dee Thomas. I had mastered telling on everyone, but I was never able to get away with having a smart mouth. Who can forget Dee's famous line from the show - "OOOH!! I'm telling Mama!

Through The Fire: Journal of a child star gives the reader an inside look of Danielle's life during and after her time with the shows - What's Happening & What's Happening Now. I love that this book is called a journal, because it was a very personal read. It felt as though I was reading entries from her diary. 

She detailed the 1977 car accident that killed her stepfather, Tim Pelt and left her in a coma for three weeks during the first season of What's Happening. Years after the accident, Danielle was diagnosed with Spinal stenosis, which left her paralyzed for months.

This book is a testament of courage and strength.  I respect Dr. Danielle Spencer-Fields for sharing her story with the masses.

4 Stars


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