Sunday, September 29, 2013

Review: Taste of Insanity - Morenike

Egypt Roberts is privileged, spoiled, and living the good life afforded to her by her parents and fiancée. Still living with her mother and father at the age of 24, Egypt wants for nothing and is cared for by her childhood nanny and her father's wealth. But after the death of her nanny, the lies that crafted her perfect life unravel and cause Egypt's mental and emotional breakdown. Meet Andrea Atkins, a young girl with a bright future; although her life is a living hell thanks to a mother with substance abuse issues she has hopes of escaping her life after her high school graduation. But before she can make her escape, Andrea's world comes crashing down after a business transaction gone wrong is interrupted by her mother. Andrea's life is flipped upside down and she retreats into silence; protecting the secret of the night her mother was killed. Blakely Hammond is a lost and confused soul with no knowledge of her past or who she is due to suppressed memories. A graduate student with dreams of becoming an author and college professor, she is never able to stay on the straight and narrow because of her best friends' schemes. After a scheme gone wrong Blakely is landed in jail for a crime she doesn't remember committing and a best friend that has gone M.I.A. Tragic events lead Egypt, Andrea, and Blakely to the Rose Program at the Rosa Lee Institution for Women and Children where they discover things about themselves and their lives that they never knew were possible. Through individual and group sessions in the Rose Ward, Egypt, Andrea, and Blakely create bonds with one another and the staff while getting a sample of what crazy tastes like... - Amazon

From first glance - The cover took my mind to places I was prepared to go... Huh? Did you think I was going to type "where my mind wasn't prepared to go"? Wrong! As I began to read the first few pages, I knew the Author was taking me on a different ride. I love that Author Morenike' dealt with the topic of mental illness.

Mental Illness is a topic that many people tend to shy away from so I commend the Author for taking this on. We have all a mental illness story we know about directly or indirectly. There were a few grammatical errors I did find while reading the book, but overall I was still able to enjoy the story.

3.5 Stars


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