Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Spotlight: Four Seasons of Love - A'ndrea J. Wilson, Kesha K. Redmon & Vanessa Davis

Autumn Academics & Affairs by A'ndrea J. Wilson

Dr. Victoria Hope is a burned-out college professor who is dreading the task of hosting Thanksgiving Dinner for her ungrateful family. But when she is forced to share her office with the alluring, culinary genius, Dr. Byron Bliss, not only could she get the cooking help she desperately needs, but her holidays might be yummier than expected. 

 Winter Wonder of Love by Kesha K. Redmon

A chance encounter on a cold, winter’s night brings the arrogant Washington Parker into Tamar Landry’s life. But when their paths collide again and again, Tamar begins to wonder if meeting Washington is an unexpected blessing from above or the skillful plotting of a would-be matchmaker.
Immortal Spring by Vanessa Niki Davis

A knock on the door forever changes Sophia Trent’s life, when she is given the news every military wife dreads: her husband Aaron has died. Pregnant and full of grief, Sophia destroys Aaron’s final letters to her. But when the letters and then his presence mysteriously return, Sophia realizes that her hopes for past and future love may not be a fantasy after all.   

Summer Secrets & Sins by Janell

The doctors are back in Part 2 of the Hope-Bliss saga! Byron is ready to say, "I do," but when Victoria's twin sister ends up missing days before the wedding, the marriage may be permanently put on hold. Victoria enlists the help of her fiancé and her opinionated Aunt Mabel to help find the matron of honor, but can they save both her sister and wedding in the same weekend?



Author A'ndrea J. Wilson is giving away three Kindle copies of Four Seasons of Love. The first three members of this blog to comment on this post wins a Kindle copy. Please include your email address with your comment.


  1. This sounds like an awesome book. I would love to read it.

  2. I would love receive a Kindle copy of A'ndrea Wilson's Four Seasons of Love. I have never read anything by this author but I look forward to reading this!


  3. I can't wait to read this anthology from some great authors!

  4. I'd love to receive a copy. It sounds like a great book!

    Tanishia Pearson

  5. I read Wife 101 and I am sure this will be a good one also.

  6. FOUR SEASONS OF LOVE is going to be such a great read.




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