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Virtual Book Blog Tour & Giveaway - A Social Affair - Pat Tucker & Earl Sewell

Online dating is quickly becoming the norm...

 In A social Affair (Atria Books/Strebor Books; Feb. 2013) readers get a glimpse into the ugly side of online dating, when two people meet on Facebook and create false personas. Their charade turns into a torrid love affair, but they neglect to tell each other they’re married in real life. Online dating statistics indicate more than 40 million people date online, despite the possible pitfalls involved, online dating continues to grow in popularity. Social Media sites like Facebook, and online dating sites such as, Match.com, and others, have become the new singles bars.


The Internet has given me the opportunity to meet some wonderful people, but as we know with every good thing in life there’s a flip side to it. One of the reasons I love reading books by Pat Tucker & Earl Sewell is the ability to relate to what they are writing. A Social Affair is no different – what can start off as something innocent can lead to places/things you never dreamed of.  In the cyberspace, people have the ability to become who they want with a click of the keyboard. 

Remember things aren’t always what they appear to be.

Trust me after reading this book, you will definitely think twice about how you conduct yourself on the Internet.

4 Stars


Conversations With Book Referees

Orsayor: How was it collaborating with Earl Sewell? 

Pat: The collaboration with Earl Sewell was lots of fun. It was great to write with a partner who had no idea what to expect. Working together pushed us both as authors and allowed us to encourage on another to do a great job.

Orsayor: What do you enjoy most about being a writer?

Pat: There isn’t any one thing I enjoy most about being a writer. I think having a release for my creativity is a major plus. I enjoy creating stories that resonate with readers. As a writer I feel as if I owe the masses a great story that’s both entertaining and educational. I take that charge very seriously.

Orsayor: If you were single, would you go on a date with someone you meet on the Internet?

Pat: If I were single, I wouldn’t do online dating. I understand that it’s probably the wave of the future, but for me, face to face is always best.

Orsayor: Do you think the Internet is making people more impatient and that we are becoming a society where we all want instant satisfaction

Pat: I think technology is both a benefit and harm to society. I think we become less sociable, and lose a sense of ourselves as we come to rely more on technology.

Orsayor: Is there a message in your novel that you want readers to grasp?

Pat: I hope readers walk away from this story with the idea that regardless of how common online dating becomes, we still need to exercise caution and use common sense.

Orsayor: How can readers contact you and where can your book be purchased?

Pat: A Social Affair is available everywhere books are sold, including your online retailers such as Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble.com, and Wal-Mart and Target.com. In addition, the title is also available as an ebook.

 Author Pat Tucker
Many of Pat’s stories are ripped from the headlines. Her work has been featured on The Nationally syndicated Tom Joyner Morning show, Essence.com, Ebony magazine, Yahoo Shine, and a slew of radio and TV stations. By day, Pat Tucker Wilson works as a radio news director in Houston, TX. By night, she is a talented writer with a knack for telling page-turning stories. A former television news reporter, she draws on her background to craft stories readers will love. With more than fifteen years of media experience, the award-winning broadcast journalist has worked as a reporter for ABC, NBC and Fox affiliate TV stations and radio stations in California and Texas.   Visit www.authorpattucker.com

Twitter  @authorpattucker

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  4. I have this book...and HAVE HAD IT...it's killing me that I haven't taken a spare hour or three to myself to get this reading in. I know it's going to be awesome..(It's by Pat Tucker!)...I love reading stories and thinking.."This could have been me!" It's so fun. It's at the top of my TBR...May 5th...It's all mine!

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