Tuesday, April 9, 2013

For The Love of.... A'ndrea J. Wilson

(For the Love of Writing)
By A’ndrea J. Wilson

Years ago, while riding down Interstate 75 on my way to Florida, my front, driver side tire blew out. I had been worried about taking the trip because funds were limited and I was driving solo, but after a spiritual pep talk from God, I proceeded with faith. As I pulled off at the exit (which I just so happened to be passing by when my tire failed me), I said a quick prayer; actually, it was more of a demand.

“God, You got me out here, so You better fix it.”

As I parked at a truck stop and stared helplessly at my busted tire, a man approached me and asked,

“Do you want me to put your spare on for you?”

I hadn’t even considered the spare.

I agreed to let him change the tire, and as he did, I called the tire company (I just so happened to have bought new tires five weeks prior along with the road hazard warranty), and made arrangements to have them replace my damaged tire when I arrived in Florida.

As the man finished putting on my spare, I graciously thanked him and said, “Thank God.”
He replied, “That’s who sent me.”

I left the scene in awe, certain that none of it was by chance, and that the man was an angel in disguise.

Just as I experienced that day along I-75, I’ve also been blessed with “angels” in my writing career. I may not always understand why certain people have believed in or helped me, but I’m sure that their presence in my life is not accidental. From the high school creative writing teacher who accepted me into the School of the Arts when my poem about my cat was laughable, to the reputable book reviewer who approved my work when it was was less than perfect, to the book club president who made it her mission to sell everyone she knew a copy of my breakout novel, I cannot deny God’s use of others on this path. Each person has come at a critical moment, changing my “busted” beliefs and ushering me back onto the road of purpose. They see me for who I am when my vision is cloudy or negativity seeks to set in, reminding me of the future with a hope that has been promised to me.

My love of writing extends not only to what makes me feel good when I create on paper what is in my mind, but the love that I have for those who are obedient enough to let His light shine on me. So today, I use my limited time with Book Referees to draw attention to the people in my life who have stepped into the gap. They are a reflection of God’s goodness and a constant reminder that I am never alone. I fall in love with writing every day because with each gift of support, I am assured that this is exactly the place where I belong. And if I should ever get lost, forgetting my love in all of the chaos of this world, I pray that my angels will be there to light the way back home.  

A’ndrea J. Wilson is the author of over a dozen titles, including the bestselling novel, Wife 101.

Visit her online at www.wife101.com or www.andreawilsononline.com

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