Friday, April 19, 2013

Review: The Corruption of Mila - J.F. Jenkins

Mila takes a hands off approach to dating. She's independent and picky and thinks she knows it all. When her best friend decides to set her up on a blind date with a guy who answers to the name of Jax, Mila decides to take a leap of faith. After all, with a name like Jax, how can he not be a dream boat?

Like most blind dates, however, Jax doesn't meet the expectations that Mila created in her imagination. With how badly she's struck out in her past relationships, is that really such a bad thing?

Print Length: 60 pages
Publisher: Astraea Press (December 31, 2012)


This book was just ok for me. It was very short and the story line really doesn't go anywhere. The book leaves you hanging. I couldn't get into the story, because there wasn't much going on.
2 Stars
Billie Jo

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