Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Review: The Trophy Wives - Charmaine R. Parker

Three trophy wives explore ways of finding satisfaction beyond their marriages.

Shayla, Kyle, and Amber have a lot in common: stunning good looks, college educations, rich husbands, and—despite their affluent lifestyles— dissatisfaction with their lives. Each feels there is a void and seeks fulfillment beyond the routine of a trophy wife.

The three often draw support from each other, but despite their close-knit relationship, each has her own secret she’s not willing to share. So when another woman, Terra, befriends the trio, it isn’t certain whether she’s sincere or whether she has her own special agenda…

As the skeletons in their closets start to come out, Shayla, Kyle, and Amber discover that glamorous looks and coveted worlds cannot shield them from the realities of life. Discover what happens when scandal meets suspense among these smart, rich—yet vulnerable—women. - Amazon


This book written by Charmaine R. Parker is an easy read that kept my interest from beginning to end.  I was anxious to know the outcome of this book.  It is a story that involves three best friends. All the friends are trophies for their husbands.  They are all kept in high fashion, beautiful homes, and lives of leisure, although two of them are successful in owning their businesses.   The three include one who is an excessive shopper, another who has unusual sexual desires, and another who is being abused by her husband.  The story includes lies, deception, thievery, adultery, dishonesty, mental and physical abuse, and greed.

Author Charmaine R. Parker has a winner in this book.  The chapters focus on one character at a time and tell what is going on with that character.  I am interested in reading more books from this author.

5 Stars


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