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Review: Unbreakable - William Fredrick Cooper


Unbreakable by William Frederick Cooper is the 3rd book that chronicles William McCall’s emotional journey after losing the love of his life Linda Woodson. It has been seven-years after Linda’s death and William is still grieving her loss. Valentine’s Day (their favorite day) he drowns his sorrows at a local bar he frequents in New York where he lives. Here is where he meets Keisha Gray a schoolteacher that resides in Michigan that is in New York to see the man that she loves. Tired of being the other woman Keisha decides that she needs to break the relationship off. Realizing that it is not fair to her or the man’s wife.

When William and Keisha see each other again the next day William is looking broken since he thinks he lost the last remaining piece of Linda and Keisha is going through her own struggle. With nowhere to go Keisha takes William up on his offer to travel with him to visit Linda’s parents. As they drive through the different states they soon form a bond from the love of Michael Jackson’s music. During the journey there are some self-discoveries within themselves that awaken their soul. With a little time and with the love for Michael Jackson and God will these two find a love that will be unbreakable?

Unbreakable by William Frederick Cooper was a confusing read to say at best. Before expressing what I did not like about the book let me at least point out the good. One of the things I really liked is that there were a lot of good quotes throughout the book. Thought provoking quotes. The other was that Mr. Cooper is poetic in his writing style. With the last being said the poetic writing style of his works to a point because the book because too drawn out and wordy then it becomes a negative thing.  In reading the synopsis I noticed that it was never mentioned that Unbreakable happens to be part of series. Although I am sure his previous novels are stand-alone, it still chronicles the journey of the main character.

I am puzzled at what Mr. Cooper was trying to attempt with this story. At times it read of a love story, at others it read like a Michael Jackson tribute and then to a Christian Fiction type of read. This novel could have easily been written within half of the 414 pages the novel was. This book was HEAVILY and I stress the word heavily geared toward “the gloved wonder”, singer, Michael Jackson.

Mr. Cooper also goes on to talk about politics, things in the news, adversity of the plight of our young black men. Which has NOTHING to do with this story. So the story drags on. His description of certain things such as the sex scenes came off a little weird. Example: Mr. Cooper constantly uses the word “stems” when referring to a woman’s legs. There are parts of the story that is predictable and the ending was too rushed and far-fetched to be believable. Another thing that was confusing is that the story is told from first person then switches to a narrator…who that narrator is this reader still has no clue.

Honestly this was just a bad read, had Mr. Cooper concentrated on the love story and worked on a more believable ending instead of talking about MJ and getting off topic so much this could have been a good read.

2 Stars



  1. Thank you for your honest opinion Leona. I have this book on my TBR list - I will read it eventually...

  2. Very detailed review. Honesty is the best policy. Great job.

  3. Tanishia P. JonesMarch 3, 2014 at 11:21 AM

    Hats off to you Leona for being so honest in your review! Many people aren't so brave and choose to sugarcoat their reviews. (Not pointing at any reviewer in particular) False reviews don't help potential book buyers or the author. Great job! Hopefully the author will receive this review as constructive and improve with the next novel!

  4. Leona, it's so hard to be honest because we don't want to hurt anyone's feelings. It is what it is and you gave a great review. Authors have to take the good with the bad. Not every novel can be 5 stars.. I commend you for your honesty..Your review was 5 stars to me...(hugs)

  5. Does the Author get to respond???

    Leona, I appreciate the total honesty of your review, as I know that everyone isn't going to like what you do, much less Get it... Often times when we are not used to something (ie- social statements and creative risks) we don't necessarily understand the concept. I wrote UNBREAKABLE To be different, and yes, it could be confusing for those expecting something lighter. UNBREAKABLE is different. UNBREAKABLE has no genre (ergo, the social commentary about relevant issues and spiritual messages) ... UNBREAKABLE was also a tribute to an artist that touched us all, an artist that the protagonists adored in fiction.

    Sure, the story (told in THIRD-PERSON narrative, not FIRST; first person narration is when the voices are the characters involved in the story) could have been told quicker, but again, think about the many things discussed between intelligent people in a car, where the getting-to-know-you body of the story takes place. Do people in a car for hours on end merely discuss the weather? Trivial things (in the opinion of some) like barbecues and ballgames? Again, things to ponder in long car rides.

    As far as the ending being far-fetched, the research done on certain forms of paralysis prove other wise (See case of former Buffalo Bills player Kevin Everett - who was told that he would never walk again, only to be walking some three months later). Additional studies (The Henry Ford Rehabilitation Center) shared more proof that stories like that do occur (Actually met a medical miracle September).

    In sum, I do thank for your candor, as Lord Knows, I do need to hear total honesty on this one in my efforts to improve my storytelling...

    God Bless You.

  6. Well said, William Frederick Cooper! Now that's how a professional is expected to respond, be it 2 stars or 5. Kudos for your explanation and doing so in such an eloquent manner.

  7. Should singers climb off stage and find the audience member who boos?
    Should football players rush off field when they hear the same? Find out who criticized them and prove them wrong?

    Authors don't respond. Everyone in entertainment gets booed eventually. Stick around and they'll get more. The end.

  8. Great review Leona!! I think that it is hard sometimes as a reviewer when giving your honest opinion on a book, I do feel bad at times and may think what I have to say may be to harsh, but I always go back and think about if it was my book I would want to hear any and all critiques "Good" Or "Bad"

  9. If the author has to take the time to explain the book here then he missed the mark 100%

  10. Hi there! Inquiring why my review didn't make it here. While it's understandable this is your blog, however, if a person doesn't agree with your stance---then it isn't approved. No need to answer...I gave it a week in hopes that you would show a different point of view.

    1. This blog is the process of moving... Please don't ASSUME I only post comments I agree with. So if your comment didn't show in the process of transferring - you are more than welcome to slide over the new blog (still in the renovation process) to voice your opinion.
      You are correct - it's my blog. I stand by all ratings from me or any of my reviewers.



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