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Virtual Book Blog Tour - The Rich Girls' Club - Honey B

When money isn't enough for Brooks Kennedy, Morgan Childs, Storm Dangerfield, and Hope Andrews, the women decide to take over the governor's house in...


California has never had a female governor and Morgan Childs is determined to change that with the help of her friends. Gathering the backing of the wealthiest women in California, she convinces her best friend, Brooks Kennedy, to run for governor.

Morgan's campaign strategy is nontraditional, but she knows her plan to sexually blackmail each of Brooks's opponents is virtually foolproof. Once she convinces the team of her tactics, they do whatever it takes to get incriminating evidence on Brooks's opponents.

One by one each candidate is forced to withdraw from the governor's race, and Morgan couldn't be happier, until someone attempts to kill Brooks. With so many enemies, Brooks has no idea who wants her dead.
When a secret is revealed, Morgan feels betrayed and will stop at nothing to get revenge. Now, Brooks doesn't know who to trust and the women stand to lose more than they bargained for. (Barnes & Noble)


Once you turn the first page, there’s no turning back…. Honey B gives the reader a short introduction on MM, if you don’t know what MM is… (READ THE BOOK). If you are familiar with Honey B’s book, you know there are no mincing words.

"For men, their acquisitions, including women and property were constant ego boasters. Stroke a man's ego; watch him thrive. Starve his ego; see his enthusiasm and his **** become flaccid." - The Rich Girls' Club - Honey B

This novel has it all: Sex, Blackmail, Betrayal, & Secrets.  These characters have so many secrets; you will eagerly turn the pages to see how it all unfolds. Do not be intimidated by the sex scenes – You never know – You might learn a thing or two.



Orsayor: Is there any particular author or book that influenced you in any way either growing up or as an adult?

Honey B: Disappearing Acts by Terry McMillian was the first contemporary novel I bought and read for pleasure. She wrote the kind of book I wanted to read. I was about eighteen at that time. Before her novel, I didn't give much thought to buying books. Terry was also a strong influence when I self-published my first novel because she'd self-published her first book, Mama.

Orsayor: Is anything in your book based on real life experiences or purely all imagination?

Honey B: All of my books are what I call, "A third, a third, and a third." Research. Experience. Imagination. My research includes reading non-fiction sexuality books, traveling to the city where the book is set, and utilizing online resources. I've tried a lot of things in and out of bed, been in a number of serious relationships, dated married men, been married, cheated, and the list of my experiences seem endless. My imagination is uninhibited. Period.

Orsayor: If you could meet any of your own characters, who would it be?

Honey B: Darius Jones. Of all my characters, I think he's misunderstood by the people around him and I'd like to know how that makes him feel as a man.

Orsayor: Is there anything that you would like to say to your readers and fans?

Honey B: Thanks. I love and appreciate each of you for supporting my literary career, attending my relationship venues, and sending me emails. They can visit me online at:

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