Sunday, June 12, 2011

Deadbeat - Brian W. Smith

Dead Beat...

How would you explain to the child you raised that the father you told him was dead is actually alive? How do you explain to the son you walked away from that you truly love him and it wasn't him that you walked away from?

Deadbeat is a book that stays with you. Brian W. Smith's tale of a son headed down the wrong path and the parents that have their own problems.

QJ is a kid that is angry. Angry at his mother who put her new relationship before son. Angry at the father whom he thinks is dead. After a chance encounter, his whole world is changed.

Hanging with his boys, two thugs who are headed down the wrong path, QJ discovers his father is not dead but alive and well and living on the streets.

Quincy Senior is man broken. The love of his life hurt and scarred him so deep he may never recover. Rather than deal with the issues and pain, he chooses to mask the pain with drugs and alcohol. This sends him on a downward spiral until he loses it all: his home, his job and most of all his son.

Carmen aka Cookie is a woman who is out for self. She chose to jeopardize her home thus sending the wheels in motion for the destruction of Quincy Senior. She is a relationship with Terry, whom treats her son like crap. She chooses to believe Terry over the people who have always had her back.

These characters stay with you. Through the book you discover the ties that bond. Quincy, with all his problems, is the only one that can teach his son to be a man. Through their interactions, QJ is learning valuble life lessons that only a father can teach his son. Carmen through out her anger unwittingly gave her son a gift, the gift of his father.

At the end of this book, you find yourself wanting, no needing more. The end for me was equivilent of someone changing the channel right before you find out who the murderer is. Mr. Smith pulls you in with these character, that you feel invested in them. You find yourself rooting for some and hating others. This is a book that you will not be able to put down.

5 stars!!


  1. I totally agree.. I love this review.. Excellent Job Mia... :)

  2. That was a great review! I loved this book!

  3. DEADBEAT looks amazing. Thank you for the honest review.




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