Monday, June 27, 2011

Differences - Brian W. Smith

Death is the final act and for those who are left behind closure is a hard act. Brian W. Smith’s Differences is the tale of those left behind. The Jackson siblings are mourning the loss of their father, Conway. Conway was the rock of the Jackson Family as their mother had passed several years before. Hardworking, Conway owned his own business to provide for his family. Upon his death, Conway’s hard work was able to leave his children a nice inheritance but there is a catch…..Conway’s children all have their own issues and secrets with each other. His will states that in order for them to collect they will have to work together to figure out where the money is located.
The Jackson siblings have not been a “family unit” in years. The oldest Beulah, is the church-going lady but under those church hats are some buried secrets so deep that if they ever saw the light of day it would rock several worlds. Norman, the second in charge and first boy is the epitome of a frat boy. He went away to school and never looked back. He drives his expensive car, custom suits, mixers and motivational speeches. Norman looks the part, but what really lies beneath? Thomas is the third born. He is a cop and seems to be the most grounded. With a wife who is expecting and daughter, Thomas wants his American dream. Gayle is a daughter that is hurting. She hides her pain through gambling and other measures. Lemar is an ex-con that stuck and can’t seem to move past it. He is on a “hamster wheel” of destructive behavior that with guidance he can finally get off. The baby of the family, Tanya is the outspoken free spirit. (Think Tamar Braxton) Tanya says what’s on her mind at all times.Conway pairs his kids up into handpicked teams, knowingly pairing up some of children that haven’t spoken to each other in years. Having to work together, they are forced to face their issues head on despite the repercussions. 

Brian W. Smith’s tale of what happens to those who are left behind after a death is a page turner. Family can easily turn once money is on the table. Brian Smith weaves the story of siblings who’s father’s final wish for his family to come together and stay together. You know these characters as we all have at least one of them in our own families. His tale of healing and redemption is a feel good story and keeps you rooting for these character until the very end.

5 out 5 Stars


  1. Mia... GREAT Job on this Review...

  2. Great review. I loved this book too!

  3. This is something I've discussed often - those who are left behind when a loved one passes on and how it affects their life. I'm going to have to check this out...

  4. This looks like an interesting story!

    Robin D
    robindpdx (at) yahoo (dot) com

  5. I agree TWC....

    Robin its a very good book!!!

  6. This sounds like a book that I should put on my list. It sounds rather emotional and very different from what I normally read. Thanks!



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