Thursday, September 8, 2011

Proverbs 31:The Virtuous Black Woman Volume 1 - Russel Blake

Russel Blake writes an encouraging book detailing how he believes a woman should be treated. The book covers a multitude of topics; such as Quiet Strength, Black Woman Rising, Fellowship and more that are sure to touch The Virtuous Black Woman’s heart and mind.

I enjoy reading books that encourage Women. The message the author is trying to convey is powerful and uplifting, but the delivery of that message is flat.

Some parts of the book read as a bad love letter from a man trying to get out of the doghouse with his wife or girlfriend. An example: Page 66 – “Because of you the greatest love songs that were created were made; From The Song of Solomon to his Queen Makeda of Sheba; To Luther Vandross’s – Here and Now.”  - REALLY!!

Overall, however the book does, to some degree offer guidance in the mysterious world of relationships. It would be recommended for young males, 16-24, who have just begun to discover the existence of the virtuous black woman. It’s also not a bad refresher course for older black men who sometimes forget the treasures they have and desire to keep.
3 Stars



  1. This is an intriguing take on this chapter in the Bible. Thanks for reviewing it. It probably would not be high on my list to read in light of what you said, but I think you reviewed it well!

  2. Thanks Ruth...

    I read this book for the second time to see if my opinion would change... smh! it didn't. I believe so women will get what they need from this selection, but it didn't connect with me.



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