Monday, December 19, 2011

If These Trees Could Talk - Brian W. Smith

In my early 20's, after an argument with my ex I would always go to the park. The ritual was the same - I would pull out my notebook and start writing out my thoughts in poetry form. I would often stare at the trees and admire its strength... through rain, snow, and storms... it remained standing. Trees were a metaphor for my life. No matter what came my way. I had to keep STANDING! After a good cry, I would laugh to myself and say... "Thank GOD!! These trees can't talk." 


Josh & Stevie are best friends who are both dealing with sexual abuse from their mother's boyfriends. The trees in the woods serve as a safe haven from their troubles. During one of their meetings they devise a plan to kill their mother's boyfriends. How long can the trees keep their secret?

Never the one to avoid subjects that may be taboo to others, Mr. Smith writes about the subject of sexual abuse. I was prepared to trump the author and figure out the ending, but I can honestly say the ending had me speechless.

Growing up as a child, I had the "Grown Man Talk" drilled in my head so many times I can recite it in my sleep. As a parent I give the "Grown Man Talk" to my children including the boys. There are so many mothers who turned a blind eye to the suspicions of sexual abuse, because they fear being alone. If These Trees Could Talk should serve as an eye-opener for all parents.

I highly recommend this book.

5 Stars


In 2010, one of my Facebook friends posted... If you could meet an author, who would it be?  My answer was Brian W. Smith. This year, I was very fortunate to meet Brian W. Smith. Even though I didn’t get to pick his brain… I will go on record and say – It was one of the happiest days of my life. As I scanned the room, I watched Mr. Smith connect with each reader in the room and that made me respect him even more. That’s a true sign of someone that appreciates their fan base.


  1. I LOVED your review Orsayor. I haven't read my book yet but I hope to very soon. I actually got chills when I read your review.



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