Monday, January 2, 2012

This Can't Be Life - Shakara Cannon

Shakara Cannon’s, This Can’t be Life encompasses the journey of true friendship, torn by heartache, deceit and drama.  The story highlights the life events of characters Simone, Talise, Stacy and Deon as they battle with personal and professional obstacles, resulting in impending decisions that will leave someone lifeless.  Strength and true character are questioned, as this group of dedicated individuals embarks through tests and tribulations, wearing the phrase “only the strongest survive” as a badge of honor. 

The book overall was interesting and kept me engaged, however, there were moments that reading became difficult.  The author had a series of “flashbacks” that weren’t easy to follow.  It was difficult to determine the past from the reality, making transitioning from scenes hard to understand.  There were times during the course of the book I had to reread the paragraphs to ensure that I fully understood what was occurring.  The ending of the book was also very disappointing as I felt the author left the reader “out to dry”.  I’m assuming that the abrupt ending was a segue into a sequel, however, I felt the ending could have prepared the reader more for what was to come. 

Overall, I rate the book a 3.5, however, I am aware that a whole number should be given so I will give it a 4.  I do believe that without as much detail of the past and more focus on the current issues that were highlighted in the book, it could have been an amazing piece of work. 

I can say honestly, I’m looking forward to seeing how this drama filled novel ends (hoping for a sequel) and other work from the author. 

4 Stars


Disclaimer: Book Referees was given a Free Copy of this book  from the Author. Our thoughts on this book were in no way influenced by the author or publicist.  We were not compensated for the review. Thank you for giving Book Referees the opportunity to review your book.


  1. I love the cover on this one. It's beautiful.

    All the reviews on Amazon were good. I like the fact that you brought up issues that some of the reviewers on Amazon did.

  2. Read a lot of good reviews for this book,maybe i'll get it, so many Books not enought time to read.



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