Wednesday, September 12, 2012

We Love It Wednesday - #1 - Unshakeable Faith - Rickey Teems II

Fear and faith cannot coexist. Fear traps us; forcing us to cling to the familiar, while the world unapologetically moves on. Faith, however, takes us on the most unexpected and beautiful journeys, discovering new levels of purpose and blessings. But what happens when you muster the courage to break the shackles of fright and reach for help, and those most capable of lending a hand are the first to slap yours away? What happens when the past refuses to concede to the present, and guilt casts a menacing shadow over your future? What happens when everyone you have ever loved has left you, and those that claim to love you have only dragged you down into the darkest of holes? Would your soul succumb to the pressures of prostitution, prison, and pessimists, or would you hear that faint voice calling you to search deep down and find: Unshakeable Faith. This short story shows how long a little faith can go! - Amazon

CLICK BELOW TO PURCHASE!!! - $1.99 (Kindle)

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