Tuesday, September 25, 2012

You Can't Eat Toes For Breakfast - Rickey Teems II

You Can’t Eat Toes For Breakfast tells the story of an imaginative kid named George. George mishears his mother’s instructions, which takes him on an adventure of self-discovery.

This is a wonderfully written book.I really enjoy reading children’s books that has character(s) with vivid imaginations. This book has a strong teaching element, interesting to young readers (just reading the title of this book will pique the interest of a child), and funny… all of the elements that makes a great children’s book.

Children’s books aren’t always an easy genre to write, but I applaud Mr. Teems for stepping up to the plate and knocking it out of the ballpark. Home Run!!!…

If you are looking for a book to arouse your children’s curiosity and leave them entertained, You Can’t Eat Toes For Breakfast is definitely the book for you & your child(ren).

5 Stars

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