Thursday, January 5, 2012

Chasing China - Kay Bratt

A sense of longing is what Mia has. Adopted from China at age 4, Mia wants to know where she comes from. She loves her adoptive family but she needs to know her roots and culture, thus sets off Mia’s journey to China. Armed with limited information from her adoptive parents, Mia’s first stop is the orphanage that she was adopted from. There she meets the director of the orphanage along with her foster mother. The meeting at the orphanage abruptly ends with no explanation given. 

A chance encounter leads to a much needed friend in a foreign country. Trying to speak a language she had no concept of, she meets Jaxson “Jax” Wu. Jax is Chinese-American living in China on an internship. Jax becomes the shoulder she needs as she proceeds along her journey. As Mia begins to unravel the mystery surrounding her adoption, Mia learns the insidious world of Chinese Adoptions.

Kay Bratt’s haunting tale of a girl coming of age and new found discoveries is a book that will forever remain with me. Every street is vividly detailed, every step Mia takes you are there with her. The sequel for this book is due out in a couple of months and I look forward to the follow-up.

5 stars



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