Sunday, February 19, 2012

Forever Soul Ties - Vanessa Davis Griggs

Forever Soul Ties

What if you had a chance to rekindle with the one who got away? Butterfly has loved Ethan Roberts since she was 13 years old. Flash-forward several years, though their lives have taken different paths, they seem to keep crossing each other.
Butterfly has followed her dream giving up her government job and opening a flower boutique. Ethan has become a preacher of a prominent church. Both are in loveless marriages. Butterfly has a husband, Zeke, who clearly is only there for the meals and laundry service. Ethan becomes the shoulder for Butterfly lean on and gives compliments that should have been from her husband. Each has their lives, but steals away for that “little piece of happiness”.

Throughout the book, I found myself rooting for these two. Even though these two are not having a physical affair, they were still emotionally connected to someone that was not their spouse. Butterfly’s husband, Zeke was so self-centered that you wanted Butterfly to just walk away and get her happiness.
Vanessa Davis Griggs’ emotional tale will draw you in. Mrs. Davis’ tale of a decade long affair is not the traditional story usually associated with an affair. It is a beautiful written story of sadness and redemption.

5 stars


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