Saturday, August 4, 2012

A Hustler's Promise 2 - Jackie Chanel

Jackie Chanel’s, A Hustler’s Promise 2, is the sequel to the highly recommended novel A Hustler’s Promise. Characters Jaicyn and Rayshawn pick up their lives and take Atlanta by storm as the Prince and Princess of the drug game.  The power couple has to decide how to keep one another happy, their family together and trouble from exploding in their faces, all the while maintaining a universal front. This duo is attacked with blinding forces trying to sever the promise’s they made to one another, wondering if their love will withstand the turmoil in the end. 
I absolutely LOVED both of the books.  Ideally, I am not a fan of sequels considering my expectations are usually traumatized when the storyline lets me down, however, Chanel made me a believer that sequels can do the original justice.  I laughed, I cringed, and I even spoke out loud while reading this book. I used every emotion available, being mesmerized and captivated by the author’s style of writing.  The only flaws I can honestly pinpoint were some misspelled words, but even that didn’t deter me from this page turner. 

Overall, I rate the book a 4 for being outstanding.  I love a good urban tale and it’s even better when I can relate to the storyline.  This was truly a great piece of work, and although I am a huge fan of the book, I hope there isn’t a 3rd.  I loved the way the author ended this book and I believe that she did the characters justice by doing it this way.  I definitely would recommend these novels to anyone that is a fan of great writing and I look forward to checking out any other work by Chanel.

4 Stars


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