Sunday, August 5, 2012

Lovely Blues - Adrienne Thompson

The beloved blues singer, Bobbie Brooks from Adrienne Thompson’s best-selling book, Bluesday is back. When we last checked in with Bobbie and her new husband, Reggie Darrough they were trying to get pregnant.  In Lovely Blues, Bobbie & Reggie are still dealing with up & downs of trying to get pregnant, but when tragedy strikes; they are faced to deal with some things and people from their  past. Is Love enough to get them through it all?

After reading Bluesday, I fell in love with the characters especially Reggie, so I was nervous about reading this sequel. I finished this book with a smile on my face. It was very nice to see the growth of the characters. This story flowed effortlessly; I finished the book in a matter of hours.  Adrienne Thompson does an excellent job drawing readers into the emotions of every character involved in this book.

As a music lover, I love how the author incorporates music in with the titles of each chapter. I actually listen to each song before reading the chapter or sometimes while reading the chapter to capture the scenery and emotions of the characters.
I highly recommend this book.

4 Stars

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