Friday, December 7, 2012

The Christmas Witchling - D. Byron Patterson

Since before the Dark Ages, the mysterious Witches of Evernight Mountain have rid the world of evil spirits to prepare for the Christmas season. Having performed this sacred duty every year without fail for a millennium, why would the 1000th Anniversary All Hallows Eve Jubilee be any different? When toymaking Elves suddenly move into the valley below the dark mountain, Witch and Elf alike begin to realize that nothing at the North Pole is what it seems. Still, it takes the courage of an eight-year-old Witchling named Tulalulalen Flue to set things right when everything goes wrong. Not only does she change the lives around her -- she changes the world. - Amazon

The Christmas Witchling is a heartwarming Christmas story that’s sure to entertain & educate children of all ages.  This book tells the story of Tulalulalen “Tulie” Flue, who is different from the witches her age.
D. Byron Patterson does an exceptional job of capturing the emotions felt by Tulie, who is bullied by her classmates & brothers because she has an abnormal color skin, unable to use her magic right, and cannot seem to get the hang of flying her broom correctly. When a magical event happens she learns that everyone is special & beautiful in their own skin.
I would definitely recommend this book.
5 Stars

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