Saturday, December 1, 2012

Trusting The Law - Kendall Evans

Trusting the Law is a short historical/romance novel that takes place during the tough times of the Prohibition Era. Grace is not your typical, by the book kind of gal. She works for Marshall Fields during the day and runs a speak-easy by night, and she does all of this just to pay the insurmountable medical bills for her ailing uncle, that raised her after her parents died. Grace unexpectedly meets Paul, a local Chicago police officer that turns her world upside down. Grace seems to be very much ahead of her times in my opinion.

From the very start I was instantly drawn to her character, because she has this sassy never back down attitude, and does what she has to do to take care of the ones she loves. (I think we all have been in that boat at one time or another in our lives) This novel for the most part seems to keep with the time period from what I know of it. I had no problem understanding the story line or the choices the characters made it very realistic.

This story has an emotional turning point at the end and really tugs at your heart strings. I liked the main characters for the most part and the plot was very good in my opinion, the only complaint I would say I had, was that it wasn't nearly long enough.

I would recommend it to anyone that's looking for something new to read, in a short time frame.

4 Stars

Billie Jo

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