Friday, November 30, 2012

What Kind of Fool - Rhonda McKnight


What Kind of Fool is an awesome book by Rhonda McKnight that confirms true love does indeed conquer all.   It is a must read for everyone.  It should be included in pre-marital counseling for couples as well as for singles.   Author McKnight displays the strength of marriage, dedication, communication, self-examination, and forgiveness.  

In the book, Greg and Angelina are confronted with communication, financial, forgiveness, infidelity, and trust issues within their marriage.  Their marriage goes through several ups and downs.  Author McKnight does a great job of keeping you engaged.  I was eager to find out what was going to happen next in the story.  I was excited to ride on the roller coaster that had several interesting twists and turns.

Author McKnight brought this story full circle.  It had an excellent and realistic plot and character development.  The events that occurred were so realistic, I found myself talking to and giving advice to the characters to help them through the different issues.

While reading the book, I asked questions such as:  What kind of fool would jeopardize their marriage and career?  What kind of fool would stay in a marriage after infidelity?  What kind of fool would become involved with a married man and befriend his wife?  What kind of fool thinks a married man is going to leave his wife for you? 

This book will make you believe in old fashioned love and that nothing is too hard for a couple as long as they have each other.  It reminds you that although it is not always easy to forgive, it can happen if you allow it.  It also reminds you how to treat your mate and that there is room for improvement on both sides and that you should not be so busy with outside commitments when your marriage and family should be your main priority.

After completing the novel, Author McKnight did indeed answer all of my questions.  The kind of fool that goes through the same issues as Greg and Angelina is the kind of fool who recognizes true perseverance, dedication, and commitment.

What kind of fool will make you ask the question will I do everything in my marriage to make it work or did I do everything to make it work?  Sometimes we walk away over petty issues instead of fighting it out to the end and remembering why we fell in love in the first place. 

I absolutely loved this book.  I look forward to reading other novels by Author Rhonda McKnight and will definitely be recommending this one to everyone.

5 Stars


  1. Wow! Carmela, I forgot it was all that! LOL. Thanks so much for such an awesome review. You really captured the essence of what I wanted me to share through the story. I'm glad you found it entertaining enough to fuss at. That's always a good sign that I've done my job as a writer. I appreciate it!

  2. After reading this review, I will be sure to read this book!! Awesome review Carmela!!!



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