Friday, November 30, 2012

Moon Called - Patricia Briggs

When I saw Moon Called, I just picked it up on impulse because liked the cover art. I didn't expect to want every book in this series; a good book for me is like a drug! Some people need caffeine daily; I just need a good read..

Patricia Briggs builds an alternate world where werewolves, fae, and vampires co-exist with humans – but the fae and the werewolves are the only ones to come out in the open, so to speak. Modern technology has forced much of the supernatural community out of hiding. Many are not happy about it. In walks Mercedes Thompson-- A mechanic who also happens to be a walker. She can shape-shift into a coyote, a trait she inherited from her Native American father who died before she was born. Mercy’s human mother couldn't deal with occasionally finding a puppy in the crib, and gave Mercy to a werewolf family who raised her in their pack. Mercedes owns her own business, a car repair shop. She bought the shop from Zee, a metal-working Fae, who wanted to retire but still helps her out on occasion.

Mercy lives in a trailer and shares her back yard with the local werewolf Alpha, Adam. The two are very attracted to each other, but when Mercy’s first love Samuel comes to town, she is torn between the two. Samuel is the son of the Marrok (the Alpha of the Alphas, ) Sam is a powerful werewolf, that could be the Alpha of his own pack, But Sam is more interested in starting up where he left off with Mercy. Adam secretly told his pack that Mercy was his “mate” to keep them from harassing her – but failed to tell Mercy that tiny detail. Plenty of action mingles with tons of romantic tension.

I like Mercy for many reasons – she is smart, stubborn, and a born romantic. Growing up in a werewolf pack taught her how to get her way without being too pushy. Her intelligence and curiosity get her in trouble a lot, but also has her supernatural friends asking for her help on occasion. In my opinion this book was a good read because the author really pulls you into the plot and makes you feel immersed in the action, also I enjoyed all the back-stories that were included that will more than likely lead up to the final book in the series.
I would rate this book a 5 - I loved it and would encourage readers that like the fiction/paranormal genre to check out all the different series this author has to offer!!!
5 Stars
Billie Jo

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