Thursday, November 29, 2012

Fancy - Vanna B

Author Vanna B introduces readers to Maribel "Fancy" Alvarez, who starts off as an innocent wallflower until she meets a new friend named, Shawn. Shawn takes Maribel under her wings and introduces her to designer clothes. Maribel is transformed overnight to Fancy. Fancy is a confident, no-nonsense, fearless young lady who is ready to take on the world. Is Fancy ready for the twists & turns life can sometime present or will she find out everything that glitters isn’t gold.

This book shows readers what can happen when you are easily influenced by your peers & surroundings. Young adults these days are dealing with so many negative influences around them – which could make it easy for them to fall into the traps of life.

Overall, this book was a very easy read for me. I would definitely recommend this book to young adults.

3 Stars


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