Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Book Blog Tour: Conversations of a Watchman - K.E. Allen

About the Book
How does a person move from a place deficient of light?  How can an individual shift from a place of complete and utter chaos, obscurity, apathy, and adversity?  The pathway to transformation is through in-depth conversations with the One True God of Creation–El·ō·hēm'.  For you to move to a place of prophetic providence, your conversation must be divinely inspired.  Hebrews 11:3 states: “The worlds were framed by the Word of God.”  Framing begins with an idea, expands as a result of the imagination, and gives life through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit through divine utterance for a specific purpose.  Declaring the Word of God releases the creative power of God for authentic transformation.
K. E. Allen designed this book to draw you into a deeper conversation with the Father to renew your prayer life, mend your brokenness, enlighten your pathway, and arrange your chaos according to the divine order of God. This resource will help you exercise your kingly and priestly authority and impose kingdom mandates to release God’s original intent in your life, family, community, city, region, and nation.  It will encourage you to frame your prophetic destiny.

Tell us about yourself?
 I was born and raised in San Francisco, CA.  I have a strong legacy of women and men of God that have impacted my life.  But, the person who has had the greatest influence on my life is my grandmother, Mary Williams.  She was a strong woman of faith and prayer.  In a denomination where female preachers were not accepted, one could always find her preaching, teaching, and hosting meetings/shut-ins where people would be filled with the Holy Spirit and demons were cast out. In fact, I have her ordination papers that she kept hidden under her bed.  Why do I tell you about my grandmother when you ask about me?  Because if it wasn’t for her courage and strength I would not be who I am.  I watched her life until the day of her passing and as an adult, it is my desire to emulate her life.  As she was a woman of wisdom and grace, so am I.  Who am I?  Inside of me is a strong inheritance of prayer, faith, and a full life in Christ Jesus-all passed down to me by my grandmother, my grandfather, and my parents.
What was the most difficult aspect of writing this book?
By far, the most difficult aspect of writing this book was the editing process.
Did you have to do any special research for this book?
When one writes about principles pertaining to the Bible, there is always extensive research and study involved so as to ensure accuracy.
Why do you write? Is it something you have always done or always wanted to do? Or is it something you started fairly recently?
I write because it is a passion I enjoy.  As far as I can remember, I have always loved to write.  As a young child I wrote fiction stories all the time.  In my teenage years, I wrote poetry and by the time was in college I started writing songs.   So, writing, in some form, has always been a part of my life.
How did you feel when you received the first copy of your book?
It was a surreal moment.  Being able to hold what God had given me in my hands literally overwhelmed me.  My heart was filled with so much gratitude towards God and all the people that had help my God-given dream become a reality.

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