Thursday, November 29, 2012

One Eyed Jack - Christopher J. Lynch


Professional blackmailer John Sharp, aka One Eyed Jack, is a man who knows how to keep a secret – for a price. But when a routine case of infidelity takes an unexpected detour, he soon finds himself caught in a tangled web of double-blackmail, commodities manipulation, and trying to rescue the woman that had once been his target. - Amazon

From the first introduction of John Sharp aka One Eyed Jack, I knew my anxiety levels would go up. If you want to know why they call him One Eyed Jack…..READ THE BOOK!! Now back to my review…  Can you imagine someone knowing some of your deepest dark secrets?

Author Christopher J. Lynch does an excellent job of developing a story that will keep you on the edge of your seats. This Author gives his readers a strong plot, developed characters, and an all around entertaining read.

 I’m still not sure if I like John Sharp, but then again… I do like him. That’s the best part of reading a story like this - you are invested in the characters. This book was very fast paced, suspenseful, and add a little blackmail to the list you have a winner. Word to the Wise: Don’t cross One Eyed Jack!!!

I look forward to see what new drama John Sharp aka One Eyed Jack will find himself in.

4 Stars



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