Monday, April 11, 2011

Crowning Glory - Pat Simmons

Crowning Glory

Crowning Glory captures you from the first sentence.."Without a test, there can be no testimony". Karyn Wallace is a woman who has a serious testimony.  She is changed, made new by the Grace of God.  After spending four years in prison, she is determined to change her life.  She finds herself with a dead end job at a local bookstore that she loves and fulfillment from the outreach ministry that showed her the path to salvation.  With the help of her friends she is on the right path.

Levi Tolliver has a whole in his chest where love used to be.  After the brutal murder of his wife, Levi has devoted his life to raising his daughter, Dori.  Dori was an infant when her mother was tragically killed.  Since then it, it has been Levi and Dori.  Dori loves stories, so Levi takes her to local bookstore, where he meets Karen.  Karen is not interested as she doesn't allow herself feel as she feels she will be punished for her crime for the rest of her life.  Levi feels Karen is his blessing from God to begin again.  Levi has strong feeling regarding convicted felons and Karen is conflicted whether to reveal her past to him.  Along the way, they both discover God's plan may not be their own.

I loved this novel from the first sentence.   Mrs. Simmons weaves a story with likable characters and redemption.  I loved the supporting characters as well.   Mrs. Simmons used her characters to bring for God's Word.  From Karen's friend, Buttercup to Levi's cousin, Rossi are everyday people that you can relate to.  I love the fact Mrs. Simmons used her characters to show that sometimes we have to let go and let God.

I am eagerly waiting the next installment of this series!

5 out of 5 Stars

Reviewed by: Mia


  1. 'Crowning Glory' sounds like a fascinating read. Not run of the mill at all.


  2. This book was an awesome read. A 5 star read.



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