Friday, April 15, 2011

Books & Me

My Love Affair with Books:  In 1996, while going to a doctor’s appt – I remember seeing a receptionist reading a book and no matter what I asked she never put the book down – when my appt was over she was still reading this book. I asked, “What are you reading?” - her reply was ….. “Just As I Am – E. Lynn Harris”. That’s when my true love affair with books started.

E. Lynn Harris:  He was responsible for re-introducing me to books. After reading Invisible Life & Just As I Am - I decided to email him. To be honest, I have written “fan” letters before, but no one ever took the time to respond. I got the surprise of my life when E. Lynn Harris responded to my email – answered my questions – and told me I had a very unique name. I was on cloud nine for at least 2 weeks… I remember a year before his death, I asked him for autographed postcards for my bookclub – he said he would have his assistant mail them. He emailed me again to see if I received them – I told him No. A few days later, his assistant called me and asked me for my information. During our conversation, his assistant noticed I sounded distraught – he asked me if I was okay… I told him about my stepfather being in Hospice and was only given days to live. His assistant stayed on the phone with me for about 20 minutes comforting me… WOW!!!

E. Lynn Harris Death:  I decided to check my Twitter page, and there it was - R.I.P – E. Lynn Harris – my hands started shaking – I googled everything until I came across an article that confirmed his death. I cried for two hours straight. I still cry when I think of that day... Music Lovers have their John Lennon, Kurt Cobain, and Michael Jackson. Book Lovers had E. Lynn Harris – he was my “CELEBRITY” – He will always have a special place in my heart.

My Favorite Authors:  E. Lynn Harris, Donald Goines, and Brian W. Smith – those three have written words that connect to me in ways I can’t explain…

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  1. That was a great post! It's amazing how much of a difference authors make in our lives! I haven't read anything by him, but Brian W. Smith is sure on my favorite authors list!



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