Friday, August 12, 2011

Plan B (A Short Story) - Joseph Finder

I have been suffering from B.A.R. (Book Addict's Rut), and that only occurs when I encounter a bad book that knocks me off track.... mentally and physically.. (Yes! it's that serious.. Remember I'm a BOOK ADDICT)

Usually the cure is to find an exciting replacement book to get those juices flowing again...

I decided to take advantage of the free short story offered by I have to say I was very impressed how this author was able to bring this story alive with vivid descriptions of characters and their surroundings.

I know this was a short story, but I felt cheated at the end. Just when things started getting juicy - the story ended. Mr. Joseph Finder has a new book named BURIED SECRETS that came out in June of this year. I was hoping it was a continuation of this story, but unfortunately it's not.. Insert sad face here _________________.

The main character, Nick Heller seems like a man that knows what it takes to get the job done as a private eye/spy. I can't wait to read one of Joseph Finder's full novels and get the complete story of our hero, Nick Heller.

The only reason I gave it a 3.5 stars ... the story wasn't complete - short story or not.. I felt as though I planned an extravagant wedding and got left at the altar...

Side Note: If this author intended to entice new readers with this free short story.. Mission Accomplished!!

3.5 Stars out of 5 Stars


Joseph introduced Nick Heller — a “private spy” who finds out things powerful people want to keep hidden — in the New York Times bestselling novel VANISHED.

Now, in BURIED SECRETS, Nick Heller returns, finding himself in the middle of a life-or-death situation that’s both high-profile and intensely personal.

Nick has returned to his old home town of Boston to set up his own shop. There he’s urgently summoned by an old family friend. Hedge fund titan Marshall Marcus desperately needs Nick’s help. His teenaged daughter, Alexandra, has just been kidnapped. Her abduction was clearly a sophisticated, professional job, done with extraordinary precision, leaving no trace evidence.

Alexandra, whom Nick has known since she was an infant, is now buried alive, held prisoner in an underground crypt, a camera trained on her, her suffering streaming live over the internet for all to see. She’s been left with a limited supply of food and water and, if her father doesn’t meet the demands of her shadowy kidnappers, she’ll die. And as Nick begins to probe, he discovers that his old friend Marshall Marcus seems to have been running a Ponzi scheme. His fund has collapsed, the FBI has arrested him, and now he’s become the most hated man in America. He has a lot of powerful enemies who may have the motivation to go after his daughter. But to find out who’s holding Alexandra Marcus hostage, Nick has to find out why.

And once he does, he uncovers an astonishing conspiracy that reaches up to the highest levels of government. If he’s going to find Alexandra, he has to flush out and confront some of the most deadly opponents ever... 


  1. I hate getting in a reading rut. At least you liked this book, but it's too bad it wasn't complete!

  2. I don't want to spoil it for anyone,, but the ending had me wanting more.. i got one of his books to find out more about Nick Heller...

  3. I agree Robin.. Mr. Joseph Finder is on my TBR list... I found a few of his books at Borders Closing Sale... I also sent him a copy of this review and he emailed me back.. I thought that was cool..

  4. I hate stories that end too fast, too. I want a book to actually end rather than leave you hanging!



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