Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Read My Lips: A Complete Guide to the Vagina and Vulva - Debby Herbenick & Vanessa Schick

Many, if not most, people remain in the dark about the actual workings of the vagina and vulva. The primary purpose of Read My Lips is to educate women and men about the vulva and vagina in a manner that is smart, informative, and entertaining. Readers, both women and men alike, will come to think differently about women's genitals and become a little more curious and a lot more comfortable with them. They will learn more about the female body in terms of health, sex, pleasure, culture, and art. Though based on sound scientific and medical research, Read My Lips is accessible to the masses, so women and men who are curious about the clitoris, Brazilian waxing, labiaplasty, or whether the G-spot really exists, will find something of interest in these pages. - Amazon

Read My Lips is a book that every women should have on their bookshelf. The book cover is very inviting, creative, and beautiful. It shows the readers that the vagina is a lovely creation and it should be treated with the utmost respect.

What I loved about this book is the authors ability to give it's readers some vital information mixed with some humor. Some people tend to get uptight when it's time to discuss SEX, but we all know it's a part of LIFE. I can't think of one person that ever told me SEX was horrible as a whole. They may have had bad sexual experiences, but there's plenty enjoyment in SEX.

As women we need to be more comfortable in our skin. After reading this selection, I took a mirror and became familiar with my vulva. Not to say I wasn't somewhat familiar with it, but it was nice to learn and identify the parts of my vagina... especially using the medical terms. I know there will be some people reading this with their mouth open, but all I can tell you is to close your mouth.. and READ YOUR LIPS. 

I wonder if given a test... how many women not in the medical field can identify all parts of their vagina. I also advice Men to buy this book. Men need to become more familiar with the Vagina... it's just not a place to enter.

The Authors also included diagrams, activities, and do and don'ts of the Vagina/Vulva.. For example: I learned there are dangers involved when you blow air in the vagina during oral sex.... you will have to read the book to find out why..

5 out of 5 Stars

Reviewed by: Orsayor

Disclaimer: I was not compensated for my review. My thoughts on this book were in no way influenced by the author or publicist. Thank you Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, Inc. for giving Book Referees the opportunity to review this book.

Pre-Order Now!!!  - Available November 16, 2011


  1. I remember seeing this book somewhere and wanting to read it. Definitely gonna check it out

  2. It's a good book... they had a story in there about a woman and her glittery vagina.. I don't want to spoil it for anyone who reads it.. but it can happen to anyone.. LOL

  3. Oh you know I have to read this one Orsayor! You can never know too much about your own body!

  4. Definitely a read to think about, thank you for pointing this one out!



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