Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Guest Blog: Operation Boss Mode - N'Tyse




his morning I woke up feeling like a champ, a superstar, a trailblazer, and a BOSS!  I realize many people tend to get extremely relaxed and self-complacent around the holidays, while others give into the seasonal stress. Much of it resulting from watching their bank accounts shrink due to impulsive shopping or unforeseen circumstances―like that out-of-sight-out-of-mind electricity bill that practically doubled from last month. Trust me, I’ve been there!
Then you have those who are like me and feeling right about now that we have stepped into OUR SEASON! This is the time of year that I am my most productive. I work hard to maintain a positive energy throughout the year, but it’s something extremely special about the last quarter that gives me an energy spike. Could there be a hidden ingredient in the eggnog?
Hmmmm … something to ponder. No seriously, I’m asking myself where does this invigorating power surge come from, and how is it that I can’t stop coming up with new ideas and goals to implement.
My imagination is running amok, my ambition is on steroids, and my inner Oprah has been soaking in wheatgrass and Red Bull, while sipping on a venti caramel macchiato with a triple shot of espresso. I think you get the picture now. Truth is, I’m on fire about waking up and feeling as if I can do anything I program my mind to do. I tell myself I’m qualified first! Whew, self-motivation and determination is premium gas for any engine. [Catch it] I feel liberated and humbly blessed that I’m even able to envision the goals I’m hoping to achieve, because there was once a time when African American women didn’t have such privilege and opportunity.
I say all this to say, December is here but it’s not too late to reevaluate the goals that we set at the beginning of this year. And with 2014 approaching, it’s an even better time to self-assess and take inventory to see where we are with our faith, our health, our family, our careers and our finances.
Do whatever it takes to get that spark back and rejuvenate your inner superwoman. She lives within us and she’s ready to make some power moves. Time to reprogram and discover the boss in you, so that you can get back on track to fulfilling your purpose. I know I am. Happy holidays from my family to yours. And as always, blessings and success!


N’TYSE (@ntyse) is the bestselling author of Twisted Seduction (Strebor/Simon& Schuster) and executive producer of the upcoming documentary film Beneath My Skin. She resides in Dallas, Texas. www.ntyse.com






  1. So encouraging, glad I stopped by.

  2. Definitely what I needed!

  3. YES! Needed this for THIS moment!



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