Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Review: Twisted Vows of Seduction - N'Tyse


From the very first chapter, Author N’Tyse had me captivated.  I buckled my seatbelt because I knew I was going on a “twisted” ride of a lifetime!  

In this book, Jeff thought he was the true player of all times; however the women that he engaged with had other plans.  Jeff had issues and seemed to want to take them out on everyone and hurt the one woman who truly loved him and the mother of his son, Nadine.  Jeff wanted to play and win his games, but couldn’t really handle the games that were being played on him.  Although Nadine had her issues, Jeff was so into himself and hurt from his past, he could not see his choices of women were not good and that they only wanted his money.  And then there was Greg who also thought he was a player as well and could not stop cheating until reality set in and his wife, Vivian, finally got fed up with all of his cheating.   

Author N’Tyse introduced us to several different game changers and issues.   I enjoyed that I did not have to go back and re-read passages to figure out the characters or their relationship to the other characters.  The character and plot development was outstanding!    N’Tyse would provide just enough tidbits that would pique my interest.   I found myself talking to characters and telling them what to do as if I was really in the story.

I read this book in one day.  I couldn’t put it down.  I was reading it everywhere – while cooking, at stoplights, waiting on others.  This is the second book of the twisted series.  I do not like to read books out of sequence, but this story was so well-written that it was not a huge issue.   I will go back and read the first book, Twisted Seduction, to see the development of the characters.  I hope N’Tyse continues the series because I really want to know what happens to some of the characters. 

This book really made you think about forgiveness and how you treat others. It also made you focus on what was really important and to stop playing games with people’s emotions because you might be the one who gets “twisted” in the end.
5 stars

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