Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Review: Our First Love - Anthony Lamarr

Can brothers who share one life share one love? Since the tragic accident that changed their lives forever, brothers Nigel and Caleb have been inseparable until one woman captures both of their hearts.
 This was an amazing read, and I really liked how the chapters went from one brothers point of view to the others. This is something that I like to see when reading. This type of writing gives you a feel for the characters, in my opinion.  The brother's relationship was kind of crazy to me and very co-dependent/unhealthy I know family is important, but I can't see putting your whole life on hold and sacrificing so much for so long.
I felt Caleb should have manned up at some point and faced things more than he did. I mean, yes I did feel bad about what happened to him and all he went through, but he is a grown man after all. I felt bad for Nigel and was rooting for him throughout the book.
The ending was a shocker. I wasn't expecting what happened at all!! This was a fantastic read and very interesting!! I gave this book five stars and would recommend to everyone!!
5 Stars
Billie Jo

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