Sunday, January 13, 2013

Review: The Eleventh Commandment - Lutishia Lovely

She’s Back….

That’s Right... Ladies  & Gentlemen

Lutishia Lovely is back with her 8th Installment in the Hallelujah Love Series...


What’s the Eleventh Commandment? – You have to buy the book! I can’t tell you everything… but what I can tell you is…

You won’t be able to put this book down once you start reading it.

This book starts off with a bang by introducing readers to Frieda Livingston, who’s married to Gabriel Livingston, a very successful doctor who spends most of his time at work instead of being home with his wife & son, Gabe Jr. Frieda is a very feisty woman that doesn’t believe in following the rules, so she occupies her free time with her lover, Clark. Will her dirty secrets be exposed?

Hope & Cy – Hope (Frieda’s cousin) is leading a picture perfect life with her husband & their two kids. Their marriage is tested when Cy’s first love returns on the scene. Cy’s unresolved feelings for his first love threatens to change their life forever.

Stacy & Tony – After years of playing in the NFL, Tony’s career has taken a nosedive. The stress from Tony trying to recapture his success begins to cause trouble in his marriage to Stacy. Stacy turns to her son’s father, Darius for help, but will this cause more harm to their fragile marriage?

Darius (Stacy’s ex) and his husband, Bo are dealing with troubles of their own. Darius is a R&B singer who’s flirting with danger by the name of Paz Demopoulos. Paz is a famous actor that’s used to getting what he wants, and refuses to take No for an answer when it comes to getting Darius in his bed. Will Darius be willing to give up everything to take a chance on temptation?

The Eleventh Commandment has a believable storyline that flows smoothly throughout the book. It amazes me how Lutishia Lovely is able to tackle so many characters in this book, and give each one of them their own unique voice.

I highly recommend this book.

5 Stars


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