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Virtual Blog Tour: The Ex-Wife - Candice Dow

She's the hottest relationship expert around. Her get-real advice and tough-world experience have earned Ayana Blue money, fame, and a successful life she never imagined. And handsome Realtor Cameron Small is the sexy, steady Mr. Right she wasn't looking for yet always hoped she'd find. But Cam's unstable, in-denial ex-wife, Yasmin, isn't about to let him go-or allow anyone else take "her place." And if that means wrecking everything Ayana has worked so hard to build, then so be it.

Now with her peace of mind shattered, her private business in the hole, and her reputation on the line, Ayana needs to figure out fast which dreams she can save, and what she'll have to let go. When it comes down to the ex-wife v. the next-wife, the only thing guaranteed is a scorched-earth battle-and it's winner takes all (Amazon)

Grand Central Publishing

Grab a Comfortable Chair & Be Prepared to stay in that position until you are finished reading this book. This Ex-Wife can serve as a cautionary tale of getting to know someone before becoming involved in a relationship. As we know in life certain things aren't so cut & dry, and sometimes we can't say NO to what the HEART wants.
Be warned if you choose to take that path you will have to deal with whatever comes your way. Like it or Not!
This book was full of twists - just when you think the book is heading one direction the Author switches gears and takes you in another direction. I love reading books like this, because there's never a dull moment. The plot will definitely keep you guessing.
Author Candice Dow has created unforgettable characters that will have you talking long after you have read the book. My favorite character in the book was Yasmin aka The Ex-Wife. I didn't know if I should laugh with or scream at her. Every time she showed up in the book I knew I had to brace myself. 
Author Candice Dow has landed on my Authors to Watch List.
I highly recommend this book. Trust Me! You will not be disappointed!


Author Candice Dow

Orsayor: What has been the toughest criticism given to you as an author?

Candice: When I gave the first draft of Tappin On Thirty to my agent, she called suggested I rewrite the entire book because it was boring. I started from scratch and was so happy that I did because the final draft turned out to be one my favorite works. 

Orsayor: If you could meet any of your own characters, who would it be?

Candice: It would be Devin Patterson. He was a main character in Caught in the Mix, Tappin on Thirty, and Feelin the Vibe. He's suave, intelligent, and attractive, yet complex and complicated. 

Orsayor: What message would you give to readers that have never read a Candice Dow book?

Candice: If you like to read drama, suspense, romance and exploring the  dynamics of how people in all types of relationships connect and disconnect, then you'd love a Candice Dow novel. 

Orsayor: Choose a book title for the story of your life.

Candice: No Stone Unturned

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  1. Been a Fan Of Ms.Dow , read all her Books love to read her Latest.

  2. I loooooove drama, suspense and relationships. This has me intrigued . Definitely sounds like a must read!!


  3. Candice Dow definitely knows how to keep the readers happy and engaged with her books!


  4. Great Review, definitely want to read this book asap.....

  5. Candice Dow definitely knows how to keep the readers happy and engaged with her books!

  6. I have been a fan and follower of Candice since i discovered her first book. This one sounds like the BEST ONE YET!!!!!! I can't wait to read it. Orsayor, you asked some great qustions. I enjoyed the interview.

    Thank you,

    Ollie Moss

  7. Dow has made my TBR list. Can't wait to read this one. Great review!

  8. Candice Dow is new to me. I always find that exciting.




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