Thursday, February 7, 2013

Review: Dangerous Consequences - Lisa Renee Johnson

What happens when your “perfect” life comes to a screeching halt? Have you ever had the feeling something wasn’t quite right in your relationship? Did you investigate? Did you blame your suspicions on a case of nerves?

Neurosurgeon Sydney James & her husband Donathan James, psychologist/local radio personality are living the charmed life until cracks start to show in the foundation of their marriage. Donathan James is used to having female admirers because he is known as THE SEX DOCTOR to his radio listeners. One night of flirting gets him knee deep in what I love to call - “Sin Quicksand”. The thing about Sin Quicksand is we have an opportunity to save ourselves, but we usually let our lustful thoughts take over our ability to do the right thing. This leads us to sink fast with no help in sight.

Determined to cover his tracks Donathan sets out to discover the details of that fateful night. Can his marriage survive once he pieces everything together? Will Sydney discover his secrets? Is Donathon the only person carrying secrets?

This book is layered with enough suspense and drama to send your mind racing. Author Lisa Renee Johnson skillfully manages to give readers a very realistic plot. Dangerous Consequences serves as a reminder that there are always consequences to our actions – Some of them happens to be DANGEROUS. (Pun intended).



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  1. This books sounds great and I loved your review!



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