Friday, February 15, 2013

For The Love of..... Shaka Senghor

Writing My Love

I remember the first time I met her. I knew there was something special-no something magical. I mean she held my attention in a way that it had never been held before. As I sat with her that first night conversing with her, giving her all of me, it felt like I was meditating with the divine.

I bared my soul to her-sharing my deepest hurts, biggest failures and greatest fears. I purged from the depths of my soul and not once did she interrupt me or judge me. Instead she listened intently as I painstakingly told her about my tattered life.

When I told her of my dreams of a bigger and brighter future I felt her encouragement and compassion. There was no doubting me or questioning why I dared to defy the odds. It was something about sitting with her that made me realize who I was and what I was designed to do. Her divine nature caressed and nurtured my spirit like a mother caring for a child. I have always questioned the sanity of those who fell in love at first sight, yet here I was sitting spellbound in the intimate embrace of a new love.
Yes I fell in love with writing.

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