Thursday, February 21, 2013

Remembering Whitney - Cissy Houston


There have been many books released about Whitney Houston since her untimely passing in 2012, but when I found out Cissy was releasing a book I was excited.  I have watched interviews with Cissy before and after Whitney’s passing so I knew she wouldn’t bite her tongue when it came to writing this book.

While reading this book I had to stop and reread the title to make sure it was named - Remembering Whitney instead of Remembering Cissy. I understand giving readers a short peek into her (Cissy) background, but the peek she gave was too long in my opinion.

If you are waiting for any BIG revelations - Keep waiting because you won’t read it here. Cissy did mention Robyn Crawford, Whitney’s best friend & rumored lover but it was only to say – She knew Whitney & Robin were close friends and that was all she knew.

(Insert Side Eye here *___________________*)

Also, she mentions she didn’t care too much for Robyn, even though Robyn was the only one that informed her about Whitney’s drug use. As for her feelings on Bobby Brown – He was okay but she didn’t care for him either.  As for the rest of the book – The information she did reveal were things I have already read in numerous magazines and heard in Interviews from Whitney herself.

I had always assumed Whitney & Cissy had a closer relationship than what was revealed in the book, but it goes to show you never know what goes on behind closed doors.

Overall, this was a good read, but I wish it was titled – “Cissy: My Story of Love, Loss, and The Music that continues to Live in Me”.  As a Whitney Houston fan I was expecting more, but I do understand as a parent you want to be very cautious about what you reveal to the public. On the Flipside… the question remains… Did Cissy name the book – “Remembering Whitney” because she knew it would sell more?  Well, it is what it is.

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