Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Review: Zero Balance - Ashley Fontainne

Nine months ago, I served my own personal brand of punishment on those that kept their silence when I was raped. Nine months ago, I was the voice that found justice for a beautiful young life, viciously slain in her prime many years ago, and helped her grieving mother to finally find peace. Nine months ago, I saw this rapist/killer escorted to jail in handcuffs and now, I reign from his old throne. Nine months ago, my horrid nightmares were finally quieted after eviscerating the snake’s body and crushing its evil head. Two weeks before the trial of Olin Kemper was scheduled to begin, the dreams came back. Haunting, disturbing dreams that I can’t escape nor understand. A week ago, I realized that I didn’t kill the snake; I just wounded it.

This book was the second in a series on Eviscerating the Snake Series.  This story was about a man was in prison for a crime that he has committed.  His girl friend has taken on the mission of killing all the people who is responsible for his being imprisoned. This story includes homosexuality, rape, love, torture, kidnapping, and murder.
Author Ashley Fontainne uses a method of writing that I find interesting.  She divides the book into chapters that focus on one character at a time and tells what is going on with that character.  The book was a fast read and it was very interesting.   I look forward to reading the next book in the series in order to find out what happens to the main character.   I am interested in reading more books from this author.
5 Stars


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