Wednesday, May 22, 2013

May Madness: May 22 - When It's Too Late To Tell - J. Evan Johnson

To tell is to perceive. To tell is to inform. When it's Too Late to Tell features four characters, Mark, Craig, Jade and Berta, all holding issues from the past that suffocate every lasting relationship they have. Mark, an elementary school teacher, and his wife Jade, a pharmacy technician, hold deep secrets from each other; secrets that cause a rift in their marriage. Mark's best friend Craig lives his days as a financial planner, struggling with the idea of God, questioning His existence each day. 

Indeed, Craig once believed and held strong to his faith, formerly being a youth minister for a well-known church, but some strenuous events turned his life upside down. If it weren't for a helping hand, his life would have ceased to exist. Berta, Craig's assistant, stands to be the most faithful, although the horrors that happened to her in her past would allow anything but. One part to her past in particular binds her, forcing her to believe that her entire existence boils down to a single man's dying wish. In this mesmeric story of relationships, each of the four must realize what issues truly hold them back and what issues to reveal before it is too late.

J. Evan Johnson is a novelist from the Philadelphia area whose goal in writing is to deliver a message of hope despite those things that make life seem hopeless. His writings cover a range of topics including marriage, the consequences of sin, and the reality of our human condition, all of which are packaged into an entertaining story. When asked about himself, J. Evan Johnson makes only one statement: "I'm just a man trying to use the gifts that were given to me in a manner in which God would be pleased."


  1. I don't know why I keep torturing myself by visiting this blog daily...I keep seeing more and more to keep me addicted to reading...wait..I don't want to not be...soooooo..OH..this is the place I need to be! :D Thanks for more food for my book jar...

  2. Kimyatta... This is a very good book!!



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