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Review: Taste of Insanity - Morenike

Egypt Roberts is privileged, spoiled, and living the good life afforded to her by her parents and fiancée. Still living with her mother and father at the age of 24, Egypt wants for nothing and is cared for by her childhood nanny and her father's wealth. But after the death of her nanny, the lies that crafted her perfect life unravel and cause Egypt's mental and emotional breakdown. Meet Andrea Atkins, a young girl with a bright future; although her life is a living hell thanks to a mother with substance abuse issues she has hopes of escaping her life after her high school graduation. But before she can make her escape, Andrea's world comes crashing down after a business transaction gone wrong is interrupted by her mother. Andrea's life is flipped upside down and she retreats into silence; protecting the secret of the night her mother was killed. Blakely Hammond is a lost and confused soul with no knowledge of her past or who she is due to suppressed memories. A graduate student with dreams of becoming an author and college professor, she is never able to stay on the straight and narrow because of her best friends' schemes. After a scheme gone wrong Blakely is landed in jail for a crime she doesn't remember committing and a best friend that has gone M.I.A. Tragic events lead Egypt, Andrea, and Blakely to the Rose Program at the Rosa Lee Institution for Women and Children where they discover things about themselves and their lives that they never knew were possible. Through individual and group sessions in the Rose Ward, Egypt, Andrea, and Blakely create bonds with one another and the staff while getting a sample of what crazy tastes like... - Amazon

From first glance - The cover took my mind to places I was prepared to go... Huh? Did you think I was going to type "where my mind wasn't prepared to go"? Wrong! As I began to read the first few pages, I knew the Author was taking me on a different ride. I love that Author Morenike' dealt with the topic of mental illness.

Mental Illness is a topic that many people tend to shy away from so I commend the Author for taking this on. We have all a mental illness story we know about directly or indirectly. There were a few grammatical errors I did find while reading the book, but overall I was still able to enjoy the story.

3.5 Stars


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Book Blog Tour: Little Fish - Ramsey Beyer (Review/Giveaway)

Ramsey Beyer's debut autobiographical graphic novel, Little Fish: A Memoir from A Different Kind of Year, is the coming-of-age story of a small-town high schooler's transformation into an independent city-dwelling college freshman. Told through a blend of journal entries and lists plus comic-style artwork and collages, the book touches on challenges every student meets when facing the world for the first time on their own, and the unease - as well as excitement - that comes along with those challenges. Everyone can relate to Ramsey's journey from childhood to independence - from adjusting to being away from home to navigating new friendships and finding the right path.

I was so excited to read/review Little Fish by Ramsey Beyer, mainly because I love reading graphic novels. Author Ramsey Beyer takes readers back in time when she was a 18-year-old embarking on a new time in her life. She moved from her hometown of Paw Paw, Michigan to Baltimore, Maryland to start her freshman year of college. Everyone remembers being the "new kid" on the block.
Even though I never left the city to attend college, I remember what I experienced the first year of college life. I knew the life I was accustomed to was going to change in a blink of an eye. Little Fish is filled with humorous, thought-provoking, and tender moments of young Ramsey's life.

The story is told through beautiful illustrations, journal entries, and lists. I still make lists... I chuckled while reading this book, because there was so much I could relate to. It made me reflect on my life thus far. I really enjoyed the visual experience.
I recommend this book to young adults that are finishing high school and/or seniors who have recently graduated. This book is a perfect tool to show you things you may or may not encounter.
4 Stars


Zest Books is giving one lucky reader a Little Fish Swag Bag...

(Contests End September 27, 2013) 

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Ramsey Beyer grew up on a farm in Paw Paw, Michigan, before escaping to city life in Baltimore, where she earned a BFA in experimental animation. She currently lives in Philadelphia and Little Fish is her first (traditionally) published book.

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Off The Record: (Interview) - Monica Mathis-Stowe

Book Referees is excited to feature Monica Mathis-Stowe on this latest installment of Off The Record... Enjoy our Interview!!!

Orsayor: If you were a super hero what powers would you have?

Monica: The power of telepathy comes to mind. If I had telepathic powers that allowed me to read people’s minds, I would be a bad Mamma Jamma. I would say stuff like, “Don’t waste your breath, I already know what you’re thinking.” Can you imagine the stories I can create from reading people’s minds? I’m getting excited just thinking about it.

Orsayor: If you were going to commit the perfect murder, how would you go about it?

Monica: I think about murder often when I’m maneuvering in congested D.C. traffic with people trying to text/talk on their cell phones while driving or when I’m cut off on the beltway by some rude driver full of road rage. I would invent this device that would instantly remove these drivers from the road. It’ll work something like this. Every time I push the button on my dashboard, a crane would pop out of the sunroof of my Land Rover. Imagine a crane size jack-in-the box. Then, it would pick up the car and quickly thrust it into another universe full of non-drivers so they can know what it feels like. After they’ve learned their lesson and become better drivers, my device will return them safely to the roads. That’s as close to murder as I get.
Orsayor: If you were on death row, what would your last meal be?

Monica: Ummm, my mouth is watering as I think about it. My last meal would be any dish off the menu at Sylvia’s Restaurant in Harlem, New York. Their food is delicious. And since I’m being executed, my calorie intake no longer matters so I’ll have one of each dessert too. Don’t judge me! I’M DYING!!!

Orsayor: If you could go back in time to change one thing what would it be?
Monica: I thought long and hard about this question and realized I had no regrets. I’ve accepted the good and the bad I’ve been through because I know each heartache and blessing was a stepping stone to get me where I am today. Living my dream of being a best-selling author is more than I ever thought it would be.

Orsayor: Who or what inspires you and why?

Monica: Women inspire me every day. We are strong, caring and phenomenal beings who are blessed with the gift of flexibility and intelligence that allow us to juggle the many roles we have. We are wives, mothers, daughters, sisters, friends, employees, and employers. Majority of the time, we have more on our plates than we should, but find a way to make it work and keep it moving. Every female I meet and dramatic lady I create inspire me in some way. It’s like what Maya Angelou says, “You make me proud to spell my name W-O-M-A-N.”

Orsayor: What would you like for your Readers to know?

Monica: I want all my readers and future readers to know how appreciative I am. Since I was a teenager, I had dreams of being a storyteller. I started the journey alone, many tired and lonely nights, pecking away at the computer in the corner of my guest bedroom. But I didn’t finish alone. Because of my loyal and faithful readers, they took my dream to another level and for that I will be forever grateful.


Monica Mathis-Stowe is a D.C. native but spent a great deal of her formative years in North Carolina. There is nothing more exciting to her than creating a fictional world with flawed characters who consume her thoughts and tell her how they want the story to play out. She likes to take her readers on a roller-coaster ride of emotions that will make them laugh, cry, gasp, think, and question people and their actions. Her debut novel, Where Did We Go Wrong?, hit bookstores in April 2012 and is already a best-seller. The sequel, Where Did We Go Wrong Again? released to rave reviews in January 2013. When she's not pounding the keyboard crafting her next novel, she enjoys traveling and spending time with family.

Book Blog Tour: Illicit Affairs - Jo Matthews, Bec Rose, and NJ Cole


Illicit Affairs is a compilation of three short erotic stories, that are bound to get you a little "HOT" under the collar.                      
In Unexpected Journey, we meet Sarah and Mitch, high-school sweethearts drowning in a loveless marriage. Mitch surprises Sarah with an unexpected trip that she believes will rekindle the fire in their relationship, but she quickly learns that it's just an undercover business trip and is immediately pushed off on Mitch's business partner Aaron. Sarah, Mitch and Aaron all get more than they bargain for in more ways than one...How??? You'll just have to read and find out!!! I really liked Jo Matthews writing style; this story was filled with enough detail that you pretty much know the background of the main characters without being told. I would love to see more of these three in a future story for sure!!!    
Hot Summer Nights was a very insightful read about a couple that has been married for years, when the husband comes out and lets his family know he's gay. Shocker!!! No, not in this day and age, This was my favorite out of all three stories, Bec writes this story in a way that, as a reader you can relate to certain feelings that Annie deals with. I thought Annie's dating attempts were downright hilarious at times, but in a good way!!! Annie is a seasoned woman (if you get my meaning) and when she meets Jamie, it's fun to see her reactions and confidence at play...Mesmerizing and original read!!!                                                      

Second Chances is a sweet story that is about just that "Second Chances," Calla is a married woman who wants more than anything to become a mother, but fate has other ideas. Calla's husband is the town sheriff, who refuses to deal with the fact that he has "Slow Swimmers" and puts all the blame on his poor wife. I don't want to give too much of this story away, but it is well worth reading just to find out the ironic ending. I enjoyed this story a lot also and really liked how Calla's character was written, she gave this story a voice all her own. Overall, this book as a whole was amazing and well worth the time to read; I'm glad I had the chance!! All three authors brought their own little bit of flair to the book, and I will be looking forward to reading many more books from all three lovelies!!!

5 Stars

Billie Jo

llicit Affairs
Illicit Affairs is a compilation of three erotic tales with women giving into their darkest desires and pursuing the forbidden.

Unexpected Journey by Jo Matthews
Sarah thought she met her soul mate in Mitch Chandler. High school sweethearts, they married right after graduation. Eight years later, he is a stranger to her and their marriage is on the rocks. In a halfhearted attempt to placate her, Mitch suggests a trip to Hawaii, but schedules a business meeting to write off the expense.
Aaron Johnson, Mitch’s friend and business partner, agrees to help with the presentation and plans are made for all three to go. What happens when Mitch backs out at the last minute to spend a romantic weekend with his secretary, forcing Aaron’s hand so that he has to accompany Sarah alone?
Will an innocent friendship turn into something more as Aaron’s attraction for Sarah grows? How will Sarah manage when she realizes that Aaron is awakening feelings in her that she’s never felt before? The sexual tension burns hot as these two embark on an unexpected journey that neither are prepared for.

Excerpt Option 1:
“I want you, Sarah. I want to feel your pussy wrapped around my cock while I fuck you. Are you ready for that…for me?” As he was talking, he was tearing a condom open and sliding it over his erection.
“Yes,” I whimpered as I clenched my legs together to gain some much needed friction.
My one word answer seemed to be enough of a response because he moved between my legs and pushed them farther apart. “God, you’re perfect,” he complimented as his eyes drank in my naked pussy. “Every part of you is beautiful.”
He licked his lips and I couldn’t help but moan. Remembering exactly what his tongue could do, I tried to squeeze my legs together. He wasn’t having any of that, though, because he pinned them in place. “Please, Aaron, fuck me already. I need to feel you,” I begged. Was it shameless? Maybe. Did I care in that moment? Hell no. The only thing I cared about was having him inside me.
“Mmm, such a dirty mouth, Baby. I’ll make sure to put that to good use later,” he teased as he moved to hover over me. “But for now, this pussy is what I’m interested in.” His words got me even wetter, and the anticipation of feeling him inside me had me at my boiling point.
Luckily, the wait was over and he lined himself up with my entrance. Looking directly in my eyes, he slowly slid his length inside me, giving me time to adjust. When our hips met and I thought he was in as far as he could go, he thrust just a little harder. “Oh, God…so fucking full…fuck!”
He started to move within me, and with each thrust it felt like he went deeper. The feeling was heavenly, and I couldn’t imagine it getting any better. I was wrong. Oh, how I was wrong. I had only ever had sex lying flat on my back, so when Aaron grabbed my left leg and lifted it up onto his shoulder, I was a little leary—at least until he thrust his hips forward, hitting me so deep it felt like he was in my stomach. “So fucking tight, Baby. Ungh, does that feel good?”
“Yesssss…oh, God, yes!” I panted as he continued to thrust in and out of me. “Oh fuck! Please don’t stop.”
Before I knew what was happening, my right leg was up on his other shoulder and he was leaning down. I wasn’t aware I was still so flexible, but the way my knees were touching my shoulders proved otherwise. The new position also allowed Aaron to penetrate me deeper, and within three thrusts, I was clenching around him and screaming through another orgasm.
“That’s it, Baby. Squeeze my cock. Fuck, you’re so tight. I’m not…ugh…gonna last.” His movements became erratic, and he sat up on his knees, grabbed my hips, and held me in place as he slammed into me twice more before stilling and collapsing on top of me.
I was breathing hard but feeling euphoric. Nothing could bring down my high. “That was um…good,” I giggled.
Moving off of me slightly, Aaron leaned down and kissed me hard. When he pulled back, he smirked. “Just good? I guess I’ll have to try again.”

Excerpt Option 1 (PG-13):
The flight to San Diego was quick, though the one to Hawaii was considerably longer. Somewhere over the Pacific, Sarah fell asleep; the day had obviously taken a toll on her emotions and exhausted her. I wasn’t really tired myself, so I grabbed a magazine from the caddy in front of me and started flipping through it. Not ten minutes later, she shifted in her sleep and leaned over, her head resting on my shoulder.
I froze in place, unsure of what to do. Part of me was screaming to wake her up or at least move her, while the other part of me—the part that tended to take over in any man when there was a sexy goddess nearby—wanted me to savor the moment. I must have warred with myself for three minutes straight until I decided it didn’t matter. There was no harm in letting Sarah sleep on my shoulder on a plane to Hawaii. No harm at all, considering her husband was the one who put us on the flight together.
Unable to resist any longer, I turned my head into her hair and breathed in her intoxicating scent. She smelled like wildflowers and sunshine, and I couldn’t help but inhale more deeply as I closed my eyes.

About the Author:
Jo Matthews is an Arizona native, where she lives with her husband and son. A stay-at-home mom since 2007, she only recently discovered her love and passion for the written word. When she’s not writing, she’s usually knee deep in editing—an aspect she thoroughly enjoys.
As an editor she has propelled quite a few authors into the published world, and with her skills, has landed several stories on Amazon’s Top Sellers lists.

Author Links:            

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Hot Summer Nights by Bec Rose
Annie Murphy had the picture perfect life. A beautiful home, a wonderful son, and a husband who adored her. It was every woman’s dream until her husband of over twenty years came out of the closet, leaving her a forty-five year old divorcee struggling to regain her confidence. Needing a distraction, she agrees to allow her son’s friend, Jamie, to spend the summer at her house while working as an intern. When Jamie, the cute female intern she’d been expecting turns out to be Jaime, the hot male intern with abs to drool over, it kicks Annie’s fantasies into overdrive. When she realizes that her desires are not one sided, it’s more than the temperature that causes some hot summer nights.

Excerpt Option 1:
    She kept her eyes on mine as she knelt down in front of me. I nearly came just at the sight of her down there, but needed to hold it together. I started thinking about some god-awful things just to keep my composure, not wanting to look like the novice.
Annie licked her lips before she took her eyes off mine and focused her attention on my swollen cock. I don’t think I had ever been that hard before in my life. When she leaned forward, she grinned to herself before licking my cock from tip to base. My body shuddered and I needed to hold on to the railing beside me to stop myself from crumbling to the floor in pleasure.
“Fuck, Annie! God, please.” I was begging for her mouth to be wrapped around my cock, and even if this was the first and last time we would be together, just the memory of her in this position would give me reason enough to jerk off for months to come.
She finally gave in at my insistence and sucked on my throbbing cock, the tip beyond ready to burst. I hissed at the feeling, my head rolling from side to side. I wanted to watch what she was doing but the pleasure she was giving me was so fucking good that I couldn’t help but close my eyes.
I had no idea how or what she was doing, but the overload of sensations just from her mouth was incredible. I had only ever been with high school or college age girls, and clearly, none of them had known what they were doing when giving head.
“Oh, fuck! Annie, you need to stop or I’m going to come.” I had to be honest; she must have felt my cock strain at the pressure, and I knew I was only moments away. Her tongue continued to swirl around the tip as she came up and then plunged back down, swallowing around me, almost taking all of me in.
I felt her nod as I told her, and when I looked down, that was my undoing. Watching her suck on my cock—on her knees in front of me while looking back up at me—was all I could handle. I came hard and pushed myself further into her mouth. She swallowed fast, easily keeping up with the streams of come I released down her throat. Then, after sucking on me once more as if to pull every last drop from my shaft, she released my cock with a pop.
When she stood up in front of me, I had to kiss her. I didn’t care that just moments before she had my cock in her mouth. That simple act had clearly driven me insane. I wanted to fuck this woman more than anything else right then, and I only hoped she felt the same.

Excerpt Option 2 (PG13):
It seemed like forever before he finally made his way back downstairs, and I heard him rummaging through the fridge for something before he walked into the den carrying some homemade chocolate mousse. I moved to the main sofa, sitting down next to him so we were both within reach of the dessert.
“I hope you don’t mind, but I made this before dinner. I have a bit of a sweet tooth.” He grinned at me as he took a bite. I smiled back and dipped my spoon in, groaning at the amazing taste that exploded in my mouth when I took my first bite.
“Oh, god, Jaime, you’re going to make me fat if you cook like this all the time,” I laughed. When I heard no reply, I looked next to me, seeing Jaime staring at my lips with—if I wasn’t completely misinterpreting it—a look of lust in his eyes.
“Oh, um, I’m sorry?” He seemed confused.
“I just said that you’re going to make me fat if you keep cooking like this.”
“You don’t have to worry about that, Annie. You have an amazing figure if you don’t mind me saying.” I was surprised by his comment. It had been a long time since anyone had complimented me like that.
“Oh, well, um…thank you, Jaime,” I replied, embarrassed.
We finished off the dessert, both of us silently deciding to stay on the couch next to each other by settling back as Jaime changed the channel to watch an old movie. It was nice to sit with someone and not feel the need to fill the air with unnecessary conversation. Jaime was easy to just be with, and I was once again glad it had turned out to be a male houseguest instead of a female.

About the Author:
Bec Rose is a budding author and mother of two. When she isn’t reading or writing, she enjoys spending time with her son and daughter. Residing in Australia, she possesses a subtle charm that carries through into her writing. In her debut novella, Bec Rose not only tugs on our heartstrings but leaves us panting for more.

Author Links:
Miss Rose does not currently have any author links, but if you would like to connect with her, visit her here on facebook.

Second Chances by NJ Cole
Calla Moretti married her college sweetheart, Bill. Married life was great at first, but as his career had her dropping out of college and moving away from her family and friends, Calla struggled with her role as a wife and homemaker. Stress due to infertility and Bill’s affairs, had the marriage on the brink of failure. When she drives home in the middle of a thunderstorm and spots first a broken down motorcycle, then the sexy rider, she decides to take a chance and offer him assistance. Realizing fate brought her together with a man who could give her the one thing her husband couldn’t—a baby—Calla decides to take a chance. One romantic night, one big lie, will it save her marriage or fill her heart with more emptiness? Will this be the answer to her prayers? In life, are there truly second chances?

Excerpt Option 1:
As the euphoria began to subside, I realized I still had his head in the vice that was my thighs. I relaxed my muscles to release him, but he didn’t seem in a hurry to move. Instead, he lowered his lead slightly and licked at the arousal I could feel trickling from my body.
“God, you’re delicious,” he groaned, pulling back. “I could do that all night, but I have to have you.” Standing at the foot of the bed, he lowered his pants. I was glad he hadn’t turned off the light or I wouldn’t have been able to see the most magnificent cock in the world. It was long and thick and beautiful—if that was even possible.
I drug my eyes from it and looked up to his face to find that he wasn’t smiling. In fact, he looked upset. The color seemed to have drained from his face in the blink of an eye.  I was about to ask what was wrong when he spoke. “I um…I don’t have a condom. I just…well I didn’t know.” He raked his hand over the stubble on his face. “Do you? Of course you don’t. It’s not like someone like you would have…” His words trailed off as he ran his hand through his hair. “I can go and see if there is any place open. SHIT! I don’t even have my bike. I could borrow…”
“It’s okay,” I said softly, interrupting his little rant.  
He looked at me, eyes wide. “You mean it’s okay to borrow your car? Or…” he hesitated and dropped his voice an octave,  “is it okay okay?”
Lying back, I pulled him on top of me. “I mean, it’s okay.” I knew he thought I meant I was on birth control; it was deceitful, but it was what I needed.
Settling on top of me, he slid one hand under my back as the other cupped my cheek. “You are so beautiful,” he said, gazing down at me. “I swear I could stare into your eyes all night.”  
I whimpered at his words and how genuine they sounded. I’d never felt so attractive in my life. It was impossible to understand why he thought my muddy green eyes were beautiful, but I could tell that he believed what he said.
“God I want you,” he groaned through gritted teeth. “I can’t remember ever wanting anything more.”
His eyes closed as he kissed me gently. It wasn’t urgent like the others; I could tell he was taking his time. As our tongues met, he shifted his weight nudging my legs apart slightly. When he moved his hips, I felt his cock glide in long strokes over the top of my swollen pussy and rub against my clit. I rotated my hips slightly and groaned in response.
His lips left mine as he shifted back onto his knees. With the hand that was under my back, he lifted me slightly and lined me up with his cock. He didn’t reach between us—there was no fumbling at all—he just pressed forward gently, the tip of his erection separating my folds. He stared into my eyes as his throbbing member entered and stretched me.
“Fuck, you’re so small, Baby. Am I hurting you?” he whispered, his lips inches from mine.
I shook my head, unable to speak. It didn’t hurt at all; it felt wonderful. I did, however, mewl in pleasure, causing him to stop his forward movement.
Finding my voice I whimpered, “Please don’t stop. You feel so good.”
“Ungh, I couldn’t stop even if I wanted to,” he groaned, rolling his hips and inching in a bit more. I craved all of him, so I grabbed onto his ass and pulled him to me as I lifted my hips and thrust myself toward him. I yelped in pain as he entered me fully, our hips finally touching. His eyes flashed with concern at my sound, but I smiled up at him. It was painful, but it was a good pain. I’d never felt so full.

Excerpt Option 2 (PG13):
Staring into my eyes, he lowered his head. I could have moved, spoken, coughed…anything, but instead I lifted my chin and allowed him to kiss me.
At first it was chaste, it really was, but when I didn’t pull away, he didn’t either. I felt his tongue poke from between his velvet lips and lick over my lower one. I gasped, and he used that opportunity to find his way into my mouth. As my body began to shake, I groaned. I had to stop this. If I didn’t, I’d end up having sex with him—a total stranger. I knew that because I was ovulating, if I did sleep with him, there was a good chance that I’d become pregnant.
I’d become pregnant.
I had stiffened up at my epiphany, causing him to pull back. “Oh, shit. I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have done that.”
My mind was racing with the possibility of becoming pregnant tonight. I could go home to Bill in the morning and he and I could have sex. He’d think the baby was his, and maybe it would be, I reasoned with myself. He’d never know and our marriage would be fixed.

About the Author:
NJ Cole is a mid-western girl with a kinky side. She works by day and writes by night, all while being a mother to her wonderful boys and serving her Sir. Unlike many of today’s authors, she chooses to write in first person, allowing the readers to experience life through the eyes of the unique characters that live in her head. Her love of those characters and respect for their stories come through loud and clear in her writing. Reaching Amazon’s top 100 list in Erotica with Midnight Caller and Landslide, NJ Cole promises to entertain and excite the reader with her newest tales of love, romance, and as always, hot, steamy sex.

Author Links:

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Book Blog Tour: Leon's Lair - The Phoenix

 Today is the much awaited release day for Leon's Lair by The Phoenix!

 Here's a little bit about what the book is about:

What would you do if you thought you had escaped only to find you are caught in LEON'S LAIR?

This international thriller/contemporary fantasy is a nail-biting ride that is grisly but somewhat tongue-in-cheek, a brutal tale of horror and the occult that doesn't take itself too seriously. It includes romance, continental adventure, action, suspense, and dozens of vivid characters from around the world.

 The adventure starts with The Jakarta, an elegant cruise ship sailing the exotic seas in Indonesia with a passenger list of ninety unsuspecting people. Jane and her best friend, Remy, are just getting to know the rest of the small group of young twenty-something when the ship is attacked by pirates. However, Leon and his band are not your usual pirates – they want something else.

 Jane and two male companions escape the horror, fleeing in a lifeboat. In their flight to escape Leon and his men, they become lost at sea for weeks, are out of water, and have nearly lost hope of ever finding rescue when they finally catch sight of land, a dangerous rainforest island that seems deserted. However, their fight for survival has only just begun.

They are not alone.

 Fate is cruel because this island is Leon's Lair.

 Character Interviews

 Jane O'Doherty

 Tell us about yourself, Jane.

 "Me, well. I'm twenty-two. I just graduated from Boston University. This cruise in Indonesia is a present from my parents. I thought it would be great to see some exotic ports of call, you know? Before deciding exactly how to apply my education. I studied in the field of biological research and forensics, with a specialty in toxicology. I was going to go into medicine. Be a doctor. But I got hooked on biology and became interested in forensic chemistry. I guess crime-solving runs in my family. My dad and my grandfather are both retired cops. My dad is Irish and my mother is Russian. I'm a workaholic. Terribly serious. And don't sleep much. I live behind my parents' house in a little cottage. I'm always rescuing animals, much to my mother's distress. I have two dogs, four cats, a parrot, and a three-legged squirrel. And of course, to make this trip, I had to hire someone to take care of my menagerie. I'm a vegetarian, but I hate broccoli. Boom! There. Now you know everything about me.

Peter Sorenson

 Tell us about yourself, Peter. "I’ve spent a lot of time backpacking, hunting, rock climbing, and that sort of thing. I am mostly a loner. I just graduated from college, and want to work for National Geographic as a writer/photographer, but they turned me down. I'm on this cruise to get some photos of Indonesia. With the photos and an article, maybe they will be impressed and give me a chance. Probably won't work though. I'm pretty much a loser. I also wanted to publish novels. I've written three, but agents keep rejecting my queries. I'm completely attracted to Jane, but I can't approach her. Why would a girl like that want a guy like me? I have the personality of an old gym sock."
Obviously, Peter has lost all confidence in himself. He is shy, kind of geeky, and isn't good at social interaction. However, extreme danger sometimes brings out a person's real character. Peter is the hero in our story.

Wolfgang (Wolf) Ulrich

 So Wolf, I hear you are a talented and very powerful wizard. And you're in love with Remy. How is that working out?

 "I said good-bye to Remy with a promise to call her, but then I thought, What am I thinking? I can’t be part of her world; it's forbidden!

 "To my own surprise, my mouth had opened, and the words just tumbled out. I saw her thoughts, and she was smitten with me. And I was completely drawn to her."

 Oh, hell!

 "My strong attraction to Remy was immediate, and it now landed me with a terrible problem.
"It had been hard enough for me to admit to myself that I didn't like my fiancée. I had never even bedded the woman. She just turned me off. Finally, a year ago I had come to terms with it. Colette was a snotty, self-centered, French brat. I didn't like her. However, I had decided that not liking her was my problem to deal with and mine alone, because it was a matter of family honor to follow through. A marriage with Colette had been planned from the time we both were born. My father would be in a rage if I said I was interested in another woman.

 "I was being heavily pressured by both families to set a wedding date. I kept stalling. The plan between the two powerful families had been to cement the German and French lines to ensure our European existence as influential mages. I couldn't just think about my own desires. I am dedicated to the power of the magic world."

 I just have to break this off with Remy …

"Besides my family commitments, I am not allowed to be involved with a nonparanormal. Breaking that rule had severe penalties, not only with the Association but also with the International Council of the Mage. And rule number one: never let normals see you perform magic. How could I hide that from her?

 No, I just won't call her back. That's what I'll do.

 "I would just stay hidden while I was on an assignment to watch Peter, Jane, and Remy. I felt like we were using them as bait, because we had a feeling Leon would come after them. It could be our chance to catch him, but I also had to make sure I protected them from harm."

Remy Madison

 Tell us what happened, Remy.

 "Well, we were in a pizza parlor when Jane and I were descended on by the paparazzi, and who showed up out of nowhere? Wolfgang! I mean, we met him on the plane coming home from Indonesia. What a gorgeous man! He asked me for my phone number, but never called. And now here he was grabbing our hands and helping us escape from the press. Instead of going out the back door, he had us duck into the bathroom. He locked the door.

 I gazed around the small room. “We're trapped in here. There’s not even a window to crawl out of." I stabbed Wolfgang in the chest with my index finger. "And what are you doing here?"
There was a great deal of jostling and yelling outside the restroom door for about thirty seconds, and then the sound of the back door slamming.

 "Can we talk about that later?" he said. "Look at Jane."

 I turned to her in the confined space. Jane looked like she was in the middle of a horrible nightmare and couldn't wake up. Her eyes were closed, and she was tossing her head back and forth, violently shaking.

 "Jane, what’s wrong? You’ve seen those press jerks before." I shook her.

 Jane suddenly let out a bloodcurdling scream, backed up, slammed against the bathroom wall, and slid down with her hands covering her face.

 "He was so beautiful and so pathetic, and I killed him. I had to kill him. I had to kill him. Now he's here. He's here! I saw him!"

 Wolfgang said, "Jane! Who's here? Jane, who?"


 Then there was a tap on the door.

 "Jane, I know you’re in there. I can feel you."

 There was a pause.

 "I know it was Peter who made you do that to me. I forgive you. Come out, and I’ll take you away from all these cretins, and we can share my empire."

 "We’re screwed," I whispered.

 Wolfgang grabbed me and Jane around the waist and slammed us into his chest. Suddenly all was black whirling space, and just as suddenly we were standing in the garage at the farm.

 "Don’t ask right now; the story is too long to tell," Wolf said, holding both hands in front of himself before either of the us could close our slack jaws to talk.

 "And for god’s sake, don’t say anything to anyone else. Do not say how you got here. Do you understand?"

 We stared at him and slowly nodded our heads in unison.

 "Go back to the house, and tell everyone that Leon is alive and that the press has found you. Don’t come out of the house. I am going to make different arrangements to make you safe, but it will take some time. Do you understand that?"

 We again nodded in unison.

 He gave us a little push toward the garage side door, and we started walking. I turned to ask a question, but he was gone.

 "Well," I said in a flat, faraway voice, "that was interesting." I turned back to Jane. "Don’t you think so?"

 Jane looked at me. "Did I just forget about a car ride back from town, or did we just break every law of physics?"

  Author Bio:

Hello. We are Lee and Gary Jordan, and we are THE PHOENIX.

 We are passionate readers, reading many different genres. As a writer team, we don't intend to go with custom and stick to one genre. We have several novels in the works.

 We enjoy getting to know readers and other authors via the Internet, love movies, and sitting outside to soak up the Southern California sun. We live in Hollywood with our crabby tomcat, Snickers.
Lee wrote A Whisper from Eden. She loves researching and is never content with the way things are explained, and likes looking into the nooks and crannies and wondering, what if?

 Gary is a third generation Californian, born and raised in Anaheim. He has always had an insatiable curiosity about everything. He was involved with telecommunications for many years and now has his own business. He has always been a happy, laidback person. But now he has something to be very intense about.

 Lee invited him to help her with a paranormal thriller she had in mind, and once he sat down at the computer and started, his life transformed. He found his real passion – writing fiction. He has never been so excited to do something in his entire life.

 Both of us feel it is never too late to change the direction of your life.

From Gary to Lee: Well, we are a great team. I love all those brainstorming sessions. Amazing! I want to thank you for being my lover, my confidante, my best friend, and for your dedication to the craft of writing. You are so much fun and so sweet – most of the time.

 It's just, I wish you weren't such a crab sometimes. Let's be honest – you nag.

From Lee to Gary: I want to thank you for being your loving, honest, ethical, and wonderful self. And I want to thank you for being my one true soul mate and for sharing with me your wonderful talent. It is truly a joyful experience co-writing with you.

 I'll tell you what makes me crabby. You have been so caught up in writing our current novel, you keep forgetting to eat or sleep. Well, okay, I know. Writing this novel is so exciting, and I've been doing the same thing. I know, I know. Right now it's 5:00 a.m. Okay, I know I haven't eaten since yesterday at lunch. Oh well, to hell with it.


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