Monday, May 14, 2012

Another Tear - Traci Bee

So this is the sequel to Two Tears in a Bucket.   Man was I into this book.   The story takes you from a continuation of what seemed to be a tragic ending in the first book.   Kevin had to be the hero in this book and fight for his wife and family because again Felicia thinks that wrecking havoc will yield her the results she craves.  She really lays on the drama, even killed a couple of people because in her mind, Kevin is hers.   I was really into it while I read this book during my recent travels on the plane.  I got yelled at by the flight attendant to turn off my kindle since we were about to land.  I wanted to fight her. 

But moving on. Kevin did some time for something that could have been avoided in the first place, is at first clueless of Felicia’s antics.  He does put two and two together.  She even dragged another person, Sanora, into her drama and it doesn’t end quite so nicely for at all.   But through it all, he stands by his wife Simone.  I’ve learned form this book that you never really know what a person is capable of until it unfolds, and sometimes we really have evaluate our so called “friendships.” Sometimes we think someone is our bestie, and she/he is as crazy as they come.

The ending does leave room for a Triquel.  So I cannot wait.

Overall, both books were page turners.  I will admit I saw a few grammatical errors in Another Tear as well, but they were sparse, and I could appreciate that the book was well written.   I also give Another Tear 4 stars. 

Ms. Bee was supposed to have another book out called A Nickel for a Kiss since December of last year, but she was working on Another Tear.  So when she does finally publish ANFAK, I will most certainly purchase it.

4 Stars


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